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Art and Research Colliding (2014) Mäki Teemu
This exposition concerns the relationship between art and research. It focuses on the questions: How can we define knowledge and research in the context of artistic research? What is artistic research? What is its goal? How is it different from other traditions of combining art and research? How should the university system react to and make use of artistic research? What is artistic knowledge and how is it used? How can we justify art as a special, flexible form of research? In what sense is art a philosophical and political practice – not just a way of communicating philosophical and political ideas and reasoning, but an especially powerful and holistic form of philosophy and politics? The first half of the exposition analyses and develops a line of reasoning about these concepts and categories. It also includes an attempt to justify art as philosophy/politics. The second half of the exposition lists the five main traditions of combining art and research and the pros and cons of each of them. The latter half of the exposition, in particular, uses images, videos, and music as examples of these traditions, and in some way as proof of the philosophical/political claim of the exposition. The whole exposition is built concretely from the viewpoint of a practicing artist, looking for insights and ways that could help him and other artists in their artistic work.
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The Invisible Inside the Visible (2014) Sheilah Wilson
The Invisible Inside the Visible was a personal quest turned art project to locate physical evidence of a century-old racetrack on the Cape John peninsula in the village of River John, Nova Scotia. The journey to find the racetrack was marked by its double invisibility. Not only was it remembered without specificity in regard to location, it was also invisible to the observing eye because it was embedded into the landscape. This exposition is a reflection on the nature of landscape as a marker of cultural geography, and on my ability as an artist to pull the past forward through performance. I see the performative gesture as a physical articulation akin to a vibration; it disrupts the stability of the narrative. This project adds to the discourse investigating maps, memory, rural community, oral history, depictions of landscape, performance as tool, and the potential for dialectical articulations of place and history.
open exposition
Alpha (2014) Juliet MacDonald
This is a report of an art-research project that started over four years ago. It concerns drawings made by a chimpanzee as part of a scientific experiment conducted in the 1940s. On the first page I summarise the background to my project, the discussion of drawing that provides a context, and the areas of enquiry that are exposed. On three further pages of the exposition I discuss the methods by which I conducted the research. 'Collecting' describes the acquisition of second-hand books dating from the first half of the twentieth century. In 'Tracing' I discuss the retracing of drawings made by the chimpanzee named Alpha. The third of these pages, 'Experimenting', shows the development of this research during an artist's residency at MEANTIME in 2012.
open exposition
Talking in Circles: Interview, Conversation, Metalogue (2014) Amber Yared, Heather Davis
Can different forms of dialogue influence the way we learn and think? This was the question that Amber Yared and Heather Davis set out to explore. Drawing upon examples from radical education, we were interested in how dialogic form changes the way we approach a topic and the different kinds of knowledge that it might produce. To experiment with this question, we engaged with three different forms of dialogue: interview, conversation, and metalogue – a style of dialogue where the form mirrors the content – which we engaged performatively in various forums. In the final iteration, we set up a booth where people could come and discuss education in one of these dialogic modes. To explore creative and democratic approaches to education, this project investigates the relation of form to content.
open exposition
Movement Intervention within British Post-War Architecture (2014) Jaimie Henthorn
This exposition considers movement intervention in architectural spaces as a form of artistic practice and potential research methodology. Examples of movement intervention within architecture in contemporary artworks are examined, helping to describe the parameters of this technique. Phenomenological aspects of these artworks, such as kinaesthetic empathy and the ubiquitous and physical context of architecture, are discussed. These can distance the viewer from an automatic understanding of the relationship between body and building, and introduce the potential for meaning beyond familiar ways of addressing architecture, such as through writing. The exposition centres on two on-site movement interventions by the author at post-war British buildings, St Peter’s Seminary, designed by Gillespie, Kidd and Coia, and the tower housing blocks Bevin Court and the Sivill House, designed by Berthold Lubetkin, and examines how the works relate to these contexts as a space both of creation and of reception. These movement interventions address the similar cultural circumstances of these sites as well as their dissimilar current status. The exposition concludes with an assessment of the validity of the kinetic human body as a research tool and the capacity for artworks resulting from movement intervention to engage the viewer and contribute to existing architectural discourse.
open exposition
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