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The soloist in contemporary piano concerti (2018 ) Ellen Kristine Ugelvik
The project grew out of a need to improve my ability to tackle challenges I had faced playing contemporary piano concerti. The embodying of new aesthetics is a great challenge in premieres of new works. While the soloist has great potential for expressing personal artistic ideas within a large-scale concert-hall environment, the classical pianist education just does not cover all challenges of performing brand new concerti. The new music suffers. The general lack of contemporary music in educational repertoires has consequences for how the field of classical music develops, what kind of music we value, how we work and what kind of music we play and listen to in a musical society. I wanted to explore the potential of my role and investigate how I could behave and play to help to improve the sounding result of new piano concerti. I created this project with the overarching research question: Which abilities do I need to develop further, and to enable a progressive soloist role when faced with challenges in entirely new music, and what are the extended effects of such an expanded role awareness? As the project moved forward, this progressive role awareness, I discovered, was useful to me by giving me greater flexibility and confidence about the massive collective apparatus surrounding the new piano concerti. The project is based around five new piano concerti I have premiered at national and international venues: Diamond Dust by D. Fujikura, Konsertstykke i tre deler by M. Hegdal, at the tips of my fingers / on the tip of my tongue by B.L. Thorsen, Wowen Fingerprints by T.B. Ulvo and Theory of the Subject by T. Reinholdtsen. Through the evolution of these works, I examine the role of the soloist in all the processes of musical creation, from initialization to realisation in performance. The research material provides insights into how new music is dealt with in the standard classical music world. I provide rare awareness of the role of the soloist and suggest several improvements of how we lay the foundations for premiering new music. A central outcome of my project is a ‘toolbox’ of proposed techniques and approaches for pianists encountering new works. The toolbox, I argue, is also valuable when applied to older music and to how we approach any musical situation on a general level.
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Ensemble & Ensemble of Me - What I Think About When I Think About Improvisation (2017 ) Ivar Grydeland
Ensemble & Ensemble of Me is an artistic research fellowship project carried out at the Norwegian Academy of Music, as part of The Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme between 2011 and 2015. In this project I produced solo improvisations deriving from the music of two improvising ensembles to which I belong: Dans les arbres and Huntsville, and I produced collective improvisations with the ensembles. The project’s key questions: - What are my concepts when improvising with the ensembles and when improvising alone? - How do the ensemble improvisations inform my solo improvisations? - What do I think about when I think about our and my own improvisations? The Haruki Murakami-paraphrase in the sub-heading indicates a process of on-going reflection upon what I regard as key aspects when I improvise. More specifically, what I regard as key aspects in the music of Dans les arbres and Huntsville, as well as for my own solo improvisations. These reflections reveal key aspects and main challenges that emerged during my attempts to create solo works informed by the ensembles. The reflections are chiefly documented in the form of a personal encyclopaedia. The encyclopaedia includes audio and visual examples, both from the final artistic results and from artistic activity during the project.
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Quartertone marimba (2017 ) Kjell Tore Innervik
A PhD-level project in the Fellowship program for artistic research and development ("stipendprogrammet for kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid") at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, by Kjell Tore Innervik.
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Interimp (2018 ) Lisa Dillan
Denne nettsiden dokumenterer refleksjonsarbeid fra det kunstneriske utviklingsprosjektet Improvisasjon som møtepunkt i en intermedial kontekst (INTERIMP) – et samarbeidsprosjekt mellom Norges musikkhøgskole (NMH) og Balletthøgskolen ved Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo (KHiO), med ekstern finansiering fra det nasjonale Program for kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid/Prosjektprogrammet (2012–2015). Prosjektdeltakere har vært musikerne Lisa Dillan, Sidsel Endresen (2012–2014) og Ivar Grydeland (alle NMH), og danserne Siri Jøntvedt, Cecilie Lindeman Steen og Ingunn Rimestad (alle KHiO). Formålet med prosjektet har vært å undersøke og øke bevisstheten rundt prosesser og problemstillinger som oppstår når improviserende dansere og musikere møtes på gulvet. Aktiviteten i prosjektet har bestått av arbeid på gulvet og arbeid på møterommet, og det har vært en gjensidig og kontinuerlig veksling mellom disse fasene. Utprøvinger og tester på gulvet har informert diskusjonene på møterommet, som igjen har generert nye utprøvinger og tester på gulvet.
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New instruments for Music Exploration (2017 ) Kjell Tore Innervik
This interdisciplinary artistic research project was a collaboration between the composer Ivar Froundberg, Music Technologist Aleksander Refsum Jensenius and percussionist Kjell Tore Innervik. A project to enhance the possibilities of music performance for the many and for the few located at the Norwegian Academy of Music.
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