Ease my Day

Project details
Date 22 Oct 2020
Time Unknown
Course IDG2000
Methods Sketching, modelling
Target group Elderly
Technologies Web app and speaker
Materials Speakers, buttons, mobile device, microphone

Make your day with a good tune

Vilde Bertelsen, Thomas Brøsholen, Mussi Stefanos, Mathias Walmann, Linda Aandalen
Ander-Petter Anderson
Webapplication and Speaker
Project description:
This project aims to help the elderly have an easier time in their everyday life, with a good and familiar tune to ease them through their day.
Using music and simple interactions, the user, healthcare workers or those close to the user, can create and set playlists of music and play them according to the user's mood.
Our goal is to help the user become more comfortable, through the music they grew up with and enjoy.

This project is a work in progress.

First, the user(if capable), healthcare worker or close one, download the application(currently unnamed) and create their playlists, according to moods, time of the day and days.
Second, power up the radio and connect it with the app using bluetooth.
Third, use the app to connect the radio to the local wifi, to use the app outside of the bluetooth reach.

The app and device should be ready to use. Test the voice interaction by calling its name(currently unnamed) and say "Play test" or change "test" with the name of one of your playlists.

Step 1-2-3:
1. Brainstorm
2. Sketch and add ideas
3. Model and work from there with more ideas
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