Photo: Andreas Siqueland

Driftwood Studio, Fogo Island, 2010

Fogo Island

IIn October of 2010, I was invited to Fogo Island, Newfoundland for a two-week “trial residency” in Long Studio, one of four new studios designed by the Canadian architect Todd Saunders. The building is a dominant feature in the otherwise subtle landscape of spray-washed shorelines and mountainous flora. It resembles a cross between a cabin by the sea and a spaceship and plays on the local history of constructing moveable houses on stilts. Reflecting on and reacting to this quite imposing structure, I decided to build my own temporary studio – a small shed-like structure that could barely fit one person. The intimate and fragile studio construction made from materials shaped by the ocean functioned as a space to think about the relation to the great open space surrounding it. Driftwood Studio was really not suitable for painting; it felt more like climbing into a painting. I took this experience of being surrounded by worn out and weather beaten material with me when working on new paintings, which had a much more transparent airy loose feel to them.

Photo: Vegard Kleven

There she blows, oil on board, 18,8 × 15 cm, 2010

Photo: Vegard Kleven

Breaker, oil on board, 18,3 × 18,6 cm, 2010