Meditations with the Qanun project + visuals

Meditation with the Qanun is a project that I began two years ago as a way to explore my musicality through free improvisation.

I met with Basem Nabhan, a filmmaker based in Göteborg, in December 2020. We explored the possibility of combing my meditative journey with Qanun with his video artwork, and our project was to lucidly integrate multiple action sequences from various spots, so this is the result of this collaborative work.

In this section, I am adding recordings/videos from different collaborations during the Master Program period. The purpose why I created this section in my thesis is to display the Qanun through creative collaboration in numerous contexts outside of its culture, where more groundbreaking work is created through the mixing of materials and esthetics.

Awraq - A project by Jonas Nilsson

(A Piece for Double Bass & Qanun)

It was a very great learning experience to play the composition of Jonas for the Qanun and the double bass. His vision blends various sounds and atmospheric components, and unpredictability, as I understand it. This composition inspired me to play unique sounds, unexpected phrases, and urged me to use a combination of microtones, harmonics, sound textures, and rhythmic patterns that I have not previously explored on the Qanun.

PAN - Project by Jung-Jae Kim from South Korea

Pan is a contemporary band with five musicians from all over the world. We pursue soundscape music which consists of coincidence, irregularity, and chaos.

Artistic collaborations

- Fuel for creative exploration-



Siren 'Sopor'


The qanun meeting other instruments in a free-improvisational context