The Toodeloo Tool

Project details
Date 25 November 2020
Time 3 weeks
Course IDG 4112
Methods Sketching, prototyping, gamestorming,
Target group People at home office
Technologies Lasercutting, video editing, arduino, raspberry pie, Figma
Materials MDF board, lighting, buttons, cellophane, touch screen, LCD display, volume
Lights Up Your Day!
Marija Januskaite, Gro Amanda Matland Nevstad, Håvard Hvoslef Kvalnes, Hanne Kristine Rødsethol, Marit Sylstad
#image #project #arduino #prototype
Project description and goal
The goal of the concept  is  to help the users avoid isolation and passivity at the home office. We all need human contact, and our bodies are made to move around. This device is designed to give the people  a tangible tool, consisting of four boxes in MDF wood, with light and sound interactions. During the workday these boxes  will  each give friendly reminders. The different parts are programmed to function at  specific times during the work day. 
The prototype consists of four boxes that the user can interact with in various ways. Each box is designated to one task or subject. The WORK box keeps track of working hours, the TALK box lets you socialize, the DRINK box helps you keep hydrated and the PLAY box helps you excercise or participate in social activities.
What  actions  should the user do?
  1. Turn on the device in the back
  1. Get reminders during the day to DRINKPLAY and TALK.

DRINK:  The body needs many glasses of  water per day.

A blue light will shine through the letters DRINK  four  times a day when it is time to hydrate the body: 09:00 A.M., 11:00 A.M., 13:00 P.M. and 15:00 P.M.  Each time the user drinks a glass of water, he or she clicks on the button next to the LCD-screen to keep track of the amount. On the screen the number of glasses shows up.  
  Sound:  A short sound of a bell will ring for a second when it is time to DRINK. 


PLAY:  Once a day it is time to get up from the chair and away from the computer screen.

At 14:00 P.M. the word PLAY will light up in the colour red. The user then easily scans the QR-code on the side of the box and will get four choices in an app on the mobile phone: 1) Exercise 2) Dance 3) Yoga 4) Quiz. If he or she chooses to do exercise, they click on the icon on the mobile screen and gets further instructions.  Sound:  A short sound of a bell will ring for a second when it is time to PLAY. 

Link to prototype in Figma: Toodleloo PLAY

TALK:  At the home office there is no talk by the coffee machine.

In the Toodeloo Tool there is a box made to include this type of informal chat. When other people in the office (also sitting in their home office) would like to grab a coffee and just chat they can show their interest by turning the TALK  box on. This box has a screen showing silhouettes of how many other people are in the chat room and if there are other people there the word TALK lights up in green. Sound:  A short sound of a bell will ring for a second when it is time to TALK.

  1. Goodbye sound: A male voice says “Toodeloo”. All day at the home office this device keeps track of you work hours. After eight hours are completed eight yellow lights will shine. Inside this lit up circle of tiny LEDs the word WORK glows in yellow letters. The box then says its own name. It is time for the user to turn off the device and leave the  home office.

The final product is made of MDF-board. Inside we have connected an Arduino Uno, Arduino Nano, Raspberry-Pi, where Arduinos go on a 9V battery, and Raspberry-Pi needs to be connected to power. We use a touch screen for showing silhouettes of the number of people joining the conversation, and an LCD-screen for counting the number of glasses. Each of the boxes has a different light inside, which after some testing, we decided to use white LEDs, as these were spreading more light than the coloured ones, and then cover the cut-out letters from the back with colourful cellophane. We used also cotton batting inside the boxes, so the light was more even when shining through the letters.
Video of prototype
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