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In Gilles Deleuze' work we are touched by becoming different.

Infection is understood as an operative term that connects with the Other and generates an interface that allows the combination of philosophical texts and their translation into film and is therefore contagious. 

In the "Rhizom" as cartographical interface Deleuze asks, where to go from here and how  to create connections.

When you are infected by a picture, that gives you inspiration, how can it be part of your text? How can the infectedness be expressed? Can you translate the structure of the image into your text and walk along on a plane of immanence, that is inspired by a picture?

To think in a milieu setting, that affects the thinker and connects the thoughts with the outside.

The theory of "Logic of Sense" from Deleuze tries to go from one singularity to another through a serial genesis of sense-production, which consists of its spreading on. The question will be, how to translate this idea into a moving image. 

Because Deleuze searched for different media one can understand his writings about other philosophers as a cinematographic one. Philosophers differ in their use of cinematographic tools or they can be read as films to bring their virtuality, their condition of possibility to the front.  

(this is my doctoral thesis)

How is becoming different to be understood, how can one connect with the other without losing the difference? With the infection in the background there can be several levels of infection that differ.

Thinking is possible through a shock, which is transported by the time-image from Deleuze. So the special feature of the time-Image is the infectedness or impulse to think. This new thinking is no longer a self conscious mind, which finds its possibilities in itself. You have to be able to let the outside in to cope with the new times of being affected. So its the invention of a milieu language, which functions through media.

Research question: How to produce theretical films connecting Deleuze' theory 

Examples of theoretical translations