What methods can we use for creating choreographies on video conferencing platforms?

How can three-dimensional space be manipulated through the flattened void of the desktop to create a third space that wouldn’t otherwise exist?


 A fractured body, one in many forms, seen many times. That’s what my body has felt like since our world has gone digital. There is a constant sense of disassociation, of a collective traumatic experience being lodged in the body, and the only sense of connection happening through a tiny screen.

How can patterns give us a sense of safety within chaos? What are the new patterns that must emerge from our world right now? 


As I make these shapes, I ask the audience: what does this remind you of?

How does the body attempt a task that it can’t see happening?


Sometimes we need help, I needed help in lining up the tape across screens. I would have liked to ask the audience for help, and maybe they wouldn’t have been there to help me and I would have just been asking the void.

Desktop Dance is an exploration of choreography on a video conferencing platform. Using and amplifying the visual and auditory qualities that are inherent to medium, the dance takes on the form of an attempt to make a drawing out of tape and create a dance with the audience. The 2-dimensional screen is spatially fragmented yet manipulated to appear cohesive, but the body remains visually fragmented to the viewer and is a constant reminder of the 3-dimensionality that exists beyond the screen. 


What is the process in the body on the other side of the screen?