Re -riff the myth                               Friday 4.12-2020 

Myth, riff and diverse time.

Rolls pivot the jukebox around the world

(please feel free to sing and dance the song)



Deep voice and pencils lingers in the doorway

I hope the door will be left ajar 

The end

No wait!

what do you think?


Myths of a myth

Including all 

Inclusive to all (veggies and more)


In in in in 




No 1

No 2

Making it easy and complex

Doing it togheter

Having fun

Looping it




Allowing some things to rise

Doing it here and now

Morphing mornings

Mute, mute, unmute

Lining up 




Improvisation makes us 

Making a story 


Avoiding, un-avoiding

in your own way

Connections between singular clouds


So many windows looking at me from the inside. Pass me my notes, please, they are next to my bed. Notetaking in the dark. Maybe I'll come back here. KARAKKOOUUUUUHOOO, the bird voice plays again, and we are finding more ways to listen going around it, following, being followed. We make space one set of keys at a time, one portal at a time. Around the world, around the world, words are scattered all over the place. Someone can smell garbage where someone else smells a rising repetition. Why is Suzie still here? It feels good to go away from the screen. Something gets bungled, hands are waving and I wonder why it is so hard to simply let things end.

Free association

Difficulties in building together the skills needed to train improvising together smile smile smile

collage and notes

collage and notes

note the

note the person in the room


room for 

participatory art

art that participate with its audience

the audience is asked in



me wandering


wonder of the world

Leah's clear voice guding me away from the screen

into a room relief but I don't want to close my doorways

I keep them open

Sunniva French Lady

she almost fooled me

Fooled by a fake mustach

Ave Eva Ave Eva 

A man from Unites States of America the Free World Free World Free


dom står bara där

singing birds

magpies gathering on the street

she look me in the eye and all I feel is bordom 

affects oozing into the screen into that person I'm looking at?



Cheerful Joyous Gladness

optimism msimitpo Opt out I'm opting out 







TO POCO (Eva, Leah, Sunni)

Friday 4 December


Click Zoom below at 10am to enter



approx 12pm finish (including discussion)





Leah, Eva and Sunni

Hummm, hummm

the doorway, we enter between the thumb and the littlefinger.

what is Nadi going to write? suspension.

around the world, around the world

floating between


what is goning to end? is it coming back or not?

somethings are going away, how do we agree? or do we?

a forest of voices, hands doing a circle coming to an end.

Thank you!!!


The meeting starts with a utterance an occurrence a avoidance a sound of garbage. squiiirrririiiikkkk and then so a song under the no 6

yeah i dunno like you know? i dunno a wish for squirrel squirt catch surfer dude the sharp ending  j

ok so we’re just gonna end this meeting now okay so when would you like to meet back again? does your group have any specific questions you want to ask? we thought this is the feedback session. yes but you need to have a seperate feedback outside of your poco event because you are too much inside of it. Of course it can be useful. This was sent by Kasja three weeks ago that you had this extra time, but of course, you can decide to know what to do with it. I didn’t receive that email and i know a few others also have looked and couldn’t find it so there’s some miscommunication there go eva is there a possibility that everyone can write in the google doc in their own time? they can spread it out of the day? so when is it due, the end of today? yeah. Otherwise when will you get it? ok so we have until tomorrow ok i think because some people might not be here and want to read it its still a course after all yes but there’s some feeling here that 

PLAY. NO 13 STOP REPEAT again sue que? vegetables that have ffeelings, between a boat and a prrrapttPWHOOOAFFFKaPOTTTT

Over the window a surface to see through what to do what to do? What? What? multiple universes all those windows, ah a cat, and cream more cream, and screaming screening, REPEAT, play no 13. The forest and again a bird. Wondrous stories arriving on boats. I like it here in the door way, in the dark. Go to the attic. The food is spilling all over the floor. In the attic. THERRRE IS A PRROBLEM WITH THE RRRESERVATION. Oh dude, dude dude and dudes, dudayda sing dudelday. Sing doooooooooo. What to do?


I enter a zoom link. Links me with people. People I miss, people I want to touch and spend time with them.

I knock the door and the door opens. I am in a doorway. It is dark I can not see much. And I choose to not see at all, as i am being adviced. There is something living in there. I see sounds and smells. A melody, a voice siting next to me, hugging me. I find myself in a space with some light. I open my senses and I see, a person asking random quotes and trying to find an answer, to share a problematism. I listen and follow their thoughts. A belly is talking but I can not hear. A person named Katarina writes in there "we can not hear you belly". The belly stops and starts again, now I can hear!

I realise that I am in a nest. What is happening here is not something I can imagine happens in a nest. I feel protected though and not alone. I can not see other people but I can feel they are there with me. 

As I continue I found myself in the attic. I love attics, but did I get here I didn't understand. Did I climbed a stair? Did i followed someone? or maybe it was that click with the arrow in that door over there, in the corner of the nest. Yes that click, and suddenly I am in another space, in an attic. 

Oh! that attic is game. There are rules to follow. I like the unspoken/unwritten rule of doing nothing of the proposed actions. I start to feel like I play a video game. My gaze on the screen is changing. I adore the slow scanning of the place, of the screen, of the floor. I see numbers. I forgot the rules. I go back and read the rules. Someone did an action. The arrow followed. I write an action and the arrow followed my ay written action! Yes! Let's do it again. Let's be polite and let others to do actions too. I can't wait I write again an action. The arrow follows me! That's a cool game. The arrow does what I say. I stop writting actions and hear more of the sounds and the editing and scoring of the game of the others gamers/users. This attic is awsome. I don't want for the game to end. Someone click away. I found myself in the nest and then the doorway. Back to the nest again and back to the attic, then to the doorway and then I am in a place full of squares. I am in a square and other people are in their own squares.  Someone starts to talk, I smile, someone smiles back to me and then all of them freeze. Oh I think it is part of the game. They act as they are frozen. I freeze too. I write to them. They reply. The link is over. 

I try to reconnect. A person named Iris does not respond to me. Another person with the name Leah, says come back here. I did. 

I am the number 9. Everyone play the game of freezing with me but I am not in the mood now. They don't stop. I try to say to them to stop playing the freezing game, they don't listen to me. I am wonder why.

Iam no9. A person named Kristin is no8 and the person name Iris is no10. I want to say sounds but I can't, they freeze again and stop listen to me. I write the sounds. Someone else is saying them for me. 

This is fun! How else can I say a sound! What else I can translate in written words? How can I write a movement, a gesture?

The Eva person trys to do a gesture. Some have seen them, some were not. Eva tries again. More realized now, but still the myth is going on to live more. Twelve people try this time to wrap up. Finally we made it. 

Then a big fuss is coming. I can not see much, I can listen nothing. I choose to not listen. I am there almost frozen, I hear broken words and syllabus. I understand that I need to come here and say the above to you.

Here I am.

I was lost 24 hours in my thoughts and an out of screen life. Apologies for that.

I want to visit you rooms and spaces again, please, pretty please!


A word heard or not

A soft utterance far from the mic

Voices voices sounding from your presence within a square

From the nest and the window near the attic

Knock knock knock who is there? it’s me. you? how do you know me

Sharks stars sparse puffff fsssss

Through the doorway an organ

Eyelids soft stretching the thump and the little finger

Play no. belly talking who? A soft little mmmm

Whispering Shubert music





Play pause repeat throughpauses gaps


Tonalities of voices mixed with degrees of play

(Un) (re)Rhythm myth

Co- author ship cores pons ib il ity     c0llective c0 2

Suzie q

Don’t try to make sense

Accents sense dude


Stop on top on



the thread of our shared attention

There is weight

wait in

vegetables out of the


by then 

tata   tu ra tu ra ta ta

I was waxing

you know

I mean



 Peter, Salka

This is Salka


in the doorway hiding and not being seen

I enjoy beeing off the screen


touching the trees of the forest



We didn't hear you


 it is part of the task

people have to go

but I will not force or

I think it is important

We wanted to

Do as you want

Negotiation is included and part of this re-mything

I was wondering


in between channels

and sharp endings

finishing on top of 

gestures many gestures

desperatly wanting to end

but it goes on and on and on

it never finishes

there is no ending to it

is leaning into a queer jam that is

meticulously unfolding to discreet spaces of this empty postcovid hotel with a window, a doorway and a nest

while the three dwellers of these spots exploding into

no fear, no affection

just sharp but safe clarity

layers of interpretations

there is an integration an invitation into a chain  of echoes from very different kinds of walls, waterfalls, backs of passersby and all the languages we know

chrystallized and distilled inside a laboratory pot of

the language of you

that I cannot reach


when vegetables go around a table that is between you

the organ was playing between us lailailaialia that was Salka, incredibly singing. Could you bring me…?

Full stop.


Salka and Soon. who? What? someone is lost.

Pass me your microphone so we can talk about the birds that are flying, appearing, retelling fantastic stories. And returning. RRRRRR. MMMMM.

(Kristin smiling) 

Then she baked the biggest, sorry? around a sound around a sound. 

In the window who opened my imagination. I was wondering how to meet with Sunniva and Leah. ¡¿¡¿Sofie qué?!? 

tant taran tan tannnn taaaaan


Wondering number 13 we can’t hear you.

I was whispering

din ding

who is knocking the door?

parts of parts… of who?

scrolling and scrolling and Suzie k knock the door!

around the world around the woooorld


the hand and the horizon

a window a forest


gaining weight 

Csilla has to skip some rounds

wait for me

what about accumulation?

say it again

I wanna stay here

it’s nice to go away


kkookkko kajjjjkajkkaakakakak the greek said


pencils and cream

and cream

and more cream

and sweet cream

and hands cream

0.7 º

collage and not-taking

note taking

Sofie’s battery was lost

a little one in her bed, close to her bed

But I never… really…



scattered food

please, I have lost my table!



Come back here, please, or not

sharp sharp sharks 



now not much of play nº 5 its happening



this would be the end for me




on to OF


how endings find themselves


this is included in the remyth!

so I trust that you need to do this

in order to

pass it on and undo

re-present and re-do, to re-alize

to re-peat the most important questions of sacred numbers like 4 and 3