Plant Friend
Project details
Date 23. November 2020
Time 8 weeks
Course IDG 4112
Methods Sketching & gamestorming
Target group Potential plant friends in social distancing or isolation
Technologies Miro, Microbit, Teams, paper & pencils
Materials Lights, plant, sensors, display screen & water.

A plant friend and companion for people in isolation

Elen Haksø, Kari Bjerke Gjærde, Vivian Thonstad Moe & Elisabeth Haaland Sund
NTNU: Norwegian University of Science and
Technology, department of design
#concept #project #Microbit #sketch #design
#lonely #socialisolation
Project description:
A plant pet, a plant friend. Ambient technology, present for company.

The concept promotes interaction and physical activity through responsive expressions on the digital Microbit display.

Every plant has their own individual characteristics. Some of them are shy and some will be more expressive. Select your favourite type, with your preferred plant personality. You will have to give it a name and take care of it in your home, office space, in your living room or wherever it’s suitable. The plant is a “robot”, with a display screen. Here you can read the plant’s “feelings” with it’s expressive face. You will notice when it’s thirsty, needs nutrition or when it expresses its need for attention. In return you will have a good companion, always ready for interaction.

This is an open source project, encouraging people to create their own plant friend. A concept tailored for interaction between people in isolation or distance relationships.

Fullscreen video

The user interacts with the plant through physical engagement, such as watering the plant, providing nutrition, touching or dancing with it. The plant responds to interaction with blinking lights, shifting expressions and a variation of icons on the digital MicroBit display. These can also be customized by the user.

Here you can find the code for your micro:bit.

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