means that the content is unavailable. Is it outdated? missing? removed? moved to another location? Maybe you have misspellet it? Noone is blaming anybody. The reason for error 404 is never specified, but the images accompanying it often shows an unhappy face, exhausted face, confused face, a bandaged thumb, disconnected cords, or a person at the desk working on it? or not working? It suggests a minor mishap, oops! almost cute, humorous, temporary occurrence. While error 404 does not explain any circumstances, the visual framing suggests that while you might have some reason to be unsatisfied but not a big one, that taking care is happening, and labour is being done. It does not in any way suggests that the content was flagged, or the bill was unpaid or any form of control in this open and shared space. Anna Watkins Fisher (The Play in The System, Duke University Press, 2020; p 48) suggests that the error 404 became a strategy of harmless nonaccountability. Cannot recall, cannot locate the content. In this space, that is constantly expanding and the system that is being reworked while worked in. Are you used to the failure of infrastructure by now? The delay, the stutter, and the constant enterings... Does it feel almost a pleasure to be in this place right now? The place which suggests that something does not work? Yesterday Outi Condit said during their presentation, that somebody said that insisting and insisting on not positioning artist in reflective position to their art in artistic research is like kicking down already open door. Forgive me that I will just right away put the entire issue aside, but I have realised, I might have never seen an open door in my entire life. I heard about open doors, open doors days, but don't remember seeing one. A gate, yes, a window, yes. No, wait, once, yes, the door was open but the gate was closed.