Macbeth Projeto (2017-2020) is a performing arts collaborative project that used imagery and themes from Shakespeare’s Macbeth as a reference point for exploring different types of inter-media performativity. From the start, a fixed production objective was to create a collaborative performance with Teatro Os Satiros (Sao Paulo) by the end of the process. The research question was how the migration of the dramatic text (Shakespeare’s Macbeth), deconstruction and transformation of various theatrical forms create different aesthetic qualities and audience experiences through the use of performance and visual arts creative methodologies? The research project developed through six performance cycles, experimenting with devising strategies in order to adapt a dramatic text into a multi-sensorial performance. The project grew out of Aleksandar Dundjerovic’s ongoing research on the contemporary Brazilian theatre context. The main focus was to create new knowledge and understanding of interdisciplinary and anthropophagic performance. The new understanding on collaborative practices and performing arts in Brazil was published in two books – co-authored Brazilian Collaborative Theatre (2017) and co-edited Brazilian Performing Arts (2019). Shakespeare’s text was a starting point to devise novel methodologies that combined performance, visual arts and digital media with Brazilian creative, collaborative processes. The performance cycles were created through group improvisation following the Elizabethan (Shakespearean) approach to rehearsals, the RSVP/Repere and Viewpoints creative models.  The cycles explored different art forms: ritual and group theatre; Site-specific, Solo-performance, performance design Installation, Augmented Reality and live Zoom digital Theatre (created as a remote on-line devised performance). National and International collaborators and co-producers with the Centre for Interdisciplinary Performing Arts (CIPA) were Centrala Arts Centre and Digbrew (Birmingham, 2017); International Federation of Theatre Research (IFTR) and VUK Theatre (Belgrade, 2018); Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design (Prague, 2019), AHRC UK-China Creative Industries Partnership in Shanghai Theatre Academy (Shanghai, 2019), and finally as a live Zoom digital theatre with Teatro Os Satyros (Sao Paulo, 2020).


Video. Trailer Cycle 6 - Live Zoom Digital Theatre

For the full articulation of the Practice Research Macbeth Projeto #1-6, including the recording of the performances, please visit:


An interdisciplinary performing arts research project

Principal investigator: Prof. Aleksandar Dundjerovic

Fig 1-4 Cycle 3 - solo performance / Cycle 5 - live performance and augmented reality/ Cycle 2 genius loci / Cycle 6 - Live Zoom Digital Theatre