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List of CD’s with tracks referred to in chapter 1:


Ex. 1 : Jøkleba:  Jøkleba! Live Curling Legs CLCD 22 , 1996

Ex 2: Veslefrekk: Veslefrekk, NorCD, NORCD 9411, 1994

Ex 3 Close Erase No 2: Who Grew Too (What) Nor CD, NORCD 9933,  1999

Ex 4 Sidsel Endresen/Bugge Wesseltoft: Duplex Ride, Curling Legs C.L.P: CD 41, 1998

Ex 5 Endresen/Wallumrød/Sten : Merrywinkle, Jazzland Recording/Universal , 2004, with Christian Wallumrød/Helge Steen

Ex 6 Humcrush with Sidsel Endresen: Ha ! Rune Grammofon, RCD2114,  2011

Ex 7 Fairplay :Fairplay, Odin Records, ODIN NJ 4027 1989

Ex 8 Elin Rosseland Trio: Trio, NorCD, NORCD 0770, 2007

Ex 9  Elin Rosseland, Rob Waring and Johannes Eich, NorCD ,NORCD 0450, 2004

Ex 10 Eldbjør Raknes Solo MYrecordings, MY 01 2006)

Ex 11 Eldbjørg Raknes, Stian Westerhus and Eirik Heggdal: From frozen feet heat came MYrecordings, MY03,  2008)

Ex 12Supersilenton Le Jazz Non, Smalltown Supersound STS 034, 2000

Ex 13Vertex: shapes & phases, SOFA 529, 2010

Ex 14 En, en, en: Rød &Blå, Øra fonogram, OFO 010, 2010

Ex 15 Lemur:Aigéan , +3DB Records, +3DB 011,  2010

Ex 16 SPUNK: Den øverste toppen på en blåmalt flaggstang, Rune Grammofon , RCD 2026, 2002

Ex 17 Fe-mail: on Money will ruin everything, Rune Grammofon, RCD 2032, 2003

Ex18 Kvitretten: Voices, C.L.P: CD 26, 1996


Other CD’s mentioned in Chapter1:

Anja Garbarek: Balloon Mood, RCA, 74321 37443 2, 1996

Bjørk: Post: Mother Records, 527733-2 , 1995

Cathy Berberian: “magnifiCathy – the many voices of Cathy Berberian”, Wergo Scallplatten, WER 60054-,1971 /1988

Denseland: Chunk Mosz, MOSZ022, 2011

Josef Zawinul: The Immigrants, Columbia Records, CBS4607801, 1988

Laurie Anderson: Big Science, Warner Bros. Records, 7599-23674-2,1982

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band: Angel Station, Bronze Records – 200 367, 1979

Radiohead: KidA: Capitol Records, CDP 7243 5 27753 2 3

Sidsel Endresen : One (Sofa Music, SOFA521, 2006)

Stina Nordenstam: And she closed her eyes Telegram records Stockholm – 4509-93898-2, 1994



Other relevant listening (a few out of far too many to be listed)


Amy X Neuburg: Residue Other Minds, Other Minds Records, OM 1007-2, 2004

Jaap Blonk: Averschum, electric solo improvisations Kontrans, Kontrans 947, 2001

Maja Ratkje: Adventura Anatomica, Semishigure, semi009, 2006

Maja Ratkje & Jaap Blonk: Post-Human Identities Kontrans, Kontrans 651, 2005

Maja Ratkje: Voice, Rune Grammofon– RCD 2028, 2002

Pamela Z: A delay is better, Starkland, Starkland St-213, 2005

Velotis/Kaasbøll/Duch: The sea looks green when the sky is grey SOFA, Sofa 519, 2006)