It was made for an application to a

Masters in Animation

Målet är att göra hela i 3D. Nästan hela finns i den här kladdversionen, dock unte med scenbeskrivningar eller inställningar osv, mer som en visuell skiss.

---- the above is about what I did, below is about what I do ----

I'm not really sure where it actually started but where i first wrote the base of it was for this presenation.

When finishing this I quickly sent it to everyone I knew that either makes films themselves or works with film in some way. I got some great ideas from it and wil soon write version 2!

About here I gor in to the Masters and the film was actually gonna get made, well not a feature length film of course. But a really short version of it! This was not so easy so I contacted a friend who happenes to be a script writer working alot with comic books! He read the scetch thing and gave me some good ideas to work from. I got stuck for a while feeling I lost the core, the deeper stuff I really felt passionate about so I started working on it. I had to find a way to incorporate the deaper theames from the long idea into this 6-8 min film!

The story about the boy starts here, not the

actual story but its development. 

And from this later came the fist version of the script, or draft I guess.

This is the half finished and very rough storyboard I made.

The Story

In that process I made this timeline, at first as a simple moodboard for the visuals of the forrest but while placing out the images in a sequence I got the idea of syncing the images to the progress of the boy (Louie). This was actually really helpful, alot of good ideas came out of it and I felt i finally got the rought story down.

This is a scetch of the story,

spanning maby 30 minutes in to

a feature length idea.

I also made this about the same time. It's to show my idea of the different layes of "meaning" in the story. The "superficial", the Psicological and the spiritual (of philosofical if you prefer). It also explaines my ideas about symbolism in the film.

-------------- timeline ------------->

Saker som rör processen och tankarna fram till historien.

I decided blender would be the best software for this film, Maya may have been better career wise but I really like blender more. Plus its free!

Making trees

Asset creation, and a Learning exercise! I'v been reseacing how to make belevable and appealing fir trees. I found an relatevly easy way to make them. There is still alot of room for inprovement,

Research for me in this project has mainly to do with the tecnical side of development, there is so much to learn for me since I havent really been working with animation before! I have to focus on the stuff I want to do as an animator (in animation) and can manage in this timeframe. Some stuff I will have to take shortcuts with but also find the right people to work with.

This is where I'll write about my research made for this project. A lot of Tech stuff probably.

"The Boy" (pojken)

An animated Short film

by Alexander Westergårdh


-------------- timeline ------------->

Reference for the creature.

John Bauer.

I'd like to "frirt" with Swedish folk tales (and nordic mythology maby). John Bauer is a good reference for this. I like the idea of this story beeing like a modern John Bauer story in a way.


Visuella referenser

Reference for the boy.

-------------- timeline ------------->

Thoughts about anything related to the project, sometimes by date maby. Mostly just in order.



This is the space where everything is allowed!

This is where things are in order, where it feels safe.

(The comfort zone I guess)




I wrote this. The quotes are from the text "Art, Research, Empowerment" by Efva Lilja

I will try to ask myself; “What is it I wish to explore? Why? How? ” as well as finding methods that help me in my work and finding myself as an artist. “How do you do it? Add the question: What do you do and why? And you have the prerequisite for a good research environment.”