2013 - 202? ongoing project “Orkest Morgenstond”
outreach project to find structure for classical music

2013  finding partners in Morgenstond

2014 training of first district musicians in elective: “Music around the Corner”

2015 10-20 performances a year in Morgenstond district (foto’s)


June 2015  covenant on supporting classical music signed by 11 local partners in Morgenstond (tekst convenant)

2015-2021-? ongoing exploration and improvisation in performance techniques in Morgenstond

2018 Master thesis “The district musicians of Morgenstond” (RC link)

2019 The “triangle”, curation in music (link RC), how tailored performance
techniques help to connect composer, musician and audience.

2020 preparing Classic Expression Research Group

2021- Study on story telling in concerts for Children