Book Presentation- Blind Maps and Blue Dots by Joost Grootens

(12 January 2021, online)

Joost Grootens is a graphic designer, educator and researcher. He is a University Lecturer and researcher at the Academy for Creative and Performing Arts of Leiden University. In April 2020 Grootens obtained his doctorate at PhDArts, Leiden University and KABK The Hague.

Gert Staal was educated as a linguist and art historian at the Universiteit van Amsterdam (NL). He worked as a design critic for de Volkskrant, and later joined NRC Handelsblad as a staff editor. Before establishing an independent writing and editing firm in 2000 (SENDER/editors) he spent 5 years at the Netherlands Design Institute, as deputy director. Since 1981 he has contributed to a large number of Dutch and international publications on design, was editor-in-chief of Items design magazine, and worked as an advisor to the Raad voor Cultuur, the Mondriaan Stichting and Fonds Beeldende Kunst, Vormgeving en Bouwkunst. Teaching positions include work at the Ma department of St. Joost Academie in Breda and Artez in Arnhem. He currently teaches at the Ma department of Design Academy Eindhoven.

Watch Joost Grootens's Book Presentation:

(interview by Gert Staal starting at 47'30")



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