A Practical exemple of Practical Knowledge

- an Approach in Artistic Research


This is a way to illustrate practical knowledge.

Joakim Pirinen is a cartoonist and right-handed. The right hand can be controlled by will, but sometimes lives its own life and draws intuitive images and stories. Above all, the right hand possesses an acquired skill and the whole process from idea to execution is the art itself. The practical knowledge is stored in the muscle memory and in neurological and mental processes that together create the image through the right hand.


The same attempt at an image performed with the left hand will be completely different. Less detailed despite effort. The knowledge does not exist in the neurological muscle-controlled processes. It can be said that the practical knowledge has been lacking. Only by mimicking the movements of the right hand does the image become but completely different.

Drawing made by right-handed, but with left hand

Drawing made by right-handed, with right hand