This exposition explores the question of creative justice in creative processes and pedagogy. Through an evolving conversation on a chat app, a mentor shares her creative process of a painting that she is emerging with her students at the Masters level. And interwoven through these, they evolve a pedagogy of artistic research, pedagogy, decolonization, reflective inquiry into self, aesthetic encounters with their own cultures, Indian aesthetics and philosophies, meandering and pondering together. The exposition   is constructed in four parts. 


Part 1:Utopia and the politics of creative justice. 

Part 2: The Conversations through chats. 

Part 3 - Student responses and reflections. 

Part 4: Teaching as philosophy of a way of being. 

The mentor journeys through over twenty five years of her practice, inviting her students to participate, question, reflect and ponder with her, offering a creative pedagogy for artistic research that is also bound in the politics of creative justice.