Adrianna Hlukhovych


When I was notified of the cancellation of the SAR conference, I had just begun sorting the notes for my contribution and translating them into English. Specifically for the purpose of the conference, this task had now become superfluous. However, my findings concerning poetic documentaries and societal crises were still relevant and connectable.

This was especially true considering the planned anthology on memory cultures, which will be published this year in our project. Initially, although I am one of the editors of the volume, I was not planning on publishing my own article in it. However, my preparations for the conference made me think about all kinds of present and past crises and art and particularly crises in my home country Ukraine as well as about the Ukrainian poetic cinema of the 1960s and 1970s which struggled to overcome the crisis of socialist realism in the Soviet Union.

Thus, I have assembled my thoughts and theses into the upcoming article on materialities of the poetic in Sergei Parajanov’s “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” (1965) and their educational policy discourse. I would like to warmly invite you to follow these theses and thoughts in a modified but, in my view, no less interesting, format: What still lies ahead, is the design of a vertical reading of materialities in film based on screenshots. I am particularly looking forward to this creative task!