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would have been played live in the room. As a compensation / replacement, I can point to the following albums that I released with a basis in the project.


Harmony as Structure; "The complete” mapping of possible pitch combinations, unfolded in the ”Complexion miniatures series”. Albums: 

Fosterchild: Dear Earthling - https://open.spotify.com/album/5u33mTXkJwRGAfShCLMtL9?si=_wlG9iXwR_iSXOyTEwG5rA

Resonance III recording delayed due to Covid.

“Emerald”: New upcoming 6 piece band.


Harmony as Contextual / historical reinterpretations. Reinterpreting and imporivising on canonical 20th century European “New Music”, solo piano.

Album: Anterior Current: - https://open.spotify.com/album/1hmaCuL7wxIskklTtjeKdR?si=voIAfRb_Te2o_tdXGmH5mg


Harmony as Spectralism: 

Kinetics + Evan Parker: Chiasm - https://open.spotify.com/album/4gH7Kjhclwc09xNol6IpgY?si=MDrWLbTmR1G55VhSmFsu6A

ZAV: Ecstatic Embrace - https://open.spotify.com/album/4J1B2rBsK7WPwL1A9AsZU3?si=Wgf25bErQASQlS6ymd6eWA


Texture as parameter :

Upcoming album: BOIDS - the spirit of the Hive. Will be out June 2021.



Topics & talking points:




Compositional practice & process

Pianistic practice & process


the personal / idiosyncratic map of own preferences as to dimensions in musical texture

Dynamics: loud or soft, ff, mp, sfzp, etc.  / Many or few dynamic levels? / vertical dynamic contrast / horisontal dynamic contrast / crescendos & diminuendos 

Note- & sound- & sonic qualities: Clean – distorted / harsh – soft (Timbre ) / pitch - noise / Short notes - Long notes / accents / Staccato - legato / Intonation relations / degree of intonation stability

Registers: which registers /  how many registers (density) / width of registers (tessituras)

Densities: registral spacing of events (vertical density)  / Wide pitch – narrow pitch (registral density) / Interval sizes - large, small, few, many? / Degree of spaciousness (Horisontal density) / degree of harmonic complexity / degree of tonal or melodic complexity / The density – rhythm continuum.

Rhythmic dimensions: Recurrences & repetitions? / loops vs transitions? / Pulse: how much pulse, how many pulses / tempo of pulse / tempo of actions (speed / density)  / slowing down vs speeding up? / degree of polyrhythmic content / Subdivisions / tempo & pulse & meter & rhythm & groove

Form and process: Short phrases vs long phrases / Rests – many vs few, long vs short / linear - scattered / epic - broken / static vs development vs permutation vs change / Expressive vs neutral / motivic vs stokastic

Surface fabric & tactility & texture: unison vs chordal vs choral vs counterpointal etc. / counterpoint by notes vs by rhythms vs by character / ”more than one kind of music at once?” / instrumentation / featured soloists

Effects (technically not parametrical, rather elements/gestalts): playing techniques incl. extended technique  (arco – pizz, sticks-mallets-brushes, insidepno-keys, multiphonics-clean, growl-clean, ponticello-normal) / sounding materials: wood/metal/air/skin/breath/whistling / Tremolo? / Note repetitions? / Distortion? / Spectral disturbance?



… for each of these parameters, a number of positions


… for each of these positions, the potential combination with other positions


An idiosyncratic, (grand) unifying theory of harmony…?

Mental representations:

- Embodied

- Emotional

- Gestures

- Parametrics

- Contextual

- Structural

- Metaphorical, metaphysical

Presentation for a lost conference

Sonic Complexion

Jacob Anderskov