Presentation for a lost conference

Grit Ruhland

Veljo Tormis „Raua needmine” (USSR, 1972)


Uus raud ja teras / uhiuued targad / täpsed, vägevad tapjad / automaatsete sihtimisseadmetega /tuumalaengut kandvad / tõrjerelvadelenkättes aamatud raketid...

Ohoi sinda, rauda kurja...


(New steel and iron. / Brand-new, intelligent / precise, powerful killers, equipped with automated guiding devices, / armed with nuclear warheads, / missiles invulnerable to defense rocketry / Ohoy villain! Wrechted iron!)


Uus ja kõige kaasaegsem tehnika / Elektroonika viimane sõna / Valmis liikuma igasse punkti / Kõrvalekaldumatult sihti tabama / Peatama, rivist välja lööma, hävitama / Võitlusvõimetuks tegema / Haavama, teadmata kaotama / Tapma / Tapma raua, terase, kroomi, titaani

Uraani, plutooniumi / Ja paljude teiste elementidega!


(Newest and ultra-modern technology / All the rage in electronics / Ready to reach any point / imperturbably hit the target / To stop, to disrupt, to destroy / To incapacitate / To injure, to knock out / To kill / To kill with iron, steel, chrome, titanium, uranium, plutonium / And with many other elements!)



Godfrey Reggio: "Koyaanisqatsi" (USA, 1982)

It is a Hopi word, and it means "crazy life," "life out of balance," or "a state of life that calls for a different way of living."


Translation of the Hopi Prophecies sung in the film:


"If we dig precious things from the land, we will invite disaster. Near the Day of Purification, there will be cobwebs spun back and forth in the sky. A container of ashes might one day be thrown from the sky, which could burn the land and boil the oceans."




K.I.Z.: "Hurra, diese Welt geht unter" (GER, 2015)


Und wir singen im Atomschutzbunker: „Hurra, diese Welt geht unter!“

(And we sing in the nuclear shelter: "Hurray, this world is going to end!")




Alligatoah "Lass liegen" (GER, 2015)


Fällt das Porzellan in den Sand und verdreckt

Lass liegen, lass liegen

Wenn dir der geröstete Panda nicht schmeckt

Lass liegen, lass liegen

Ich wurde heute morgen von 'nem Panzer geweckt

Lass liegen, lass liegen, lass liegen, lass liegen bleiben

Drunter lag ein Mann, der seine Hand nach uns streckt

Doch wir haben keinen Platz zu bieten, lass liegen


(If the porcelain falls into the sand and is dirty

Let lie, let lie

If you don't like the roasted panda

Let lie, let lie

I was woken up by a tank this morning

Let lie, let lie, let lie, let lie

Below lay a man stretching out his hand towards us

But we have no space to offer, leave him laying there.)


Die Einheimischen strahlen hier, nur haben sie die Hände an den Rippen

Husten endlos lang und zittern, and're Länder, and're Sitten

Langsam brauch ich, auch wenn Umwelt leidet um den Preis zu retten

Dringend neue Gummistiefel, denn die Deiche brechen


The locals smiling (German word game with emitting radioactivity "strahlen") here, only they have their hands on their ribs

Endless coughs and tremors, other countries, other customs

Even if the environment suffers,  to save the price, I urgently need new rubber boots because the dykes are breaking.