Artistic Collaborations

Over the years of this research project I have collaborated with many inspiring artists -
the chance to perform together and to work together on my music has deepened and enriched my reseach project immeasurable.

For each of the four artists I collaborated with, it was important to contribute to religious life in their respective local churches through their music while maintaining a performance schedule outside the church walls in jazz clubs and festivals. Therefore, the artistic collaborations in the field of Spiritual jazz brought also insights in Liturgical and Sacred Jazz and an exploration of four Lutheran jazz ministries:

Chanda Rule          Saint Peter´s Church, NYC, USA 
Janne Mark            Brorsons Kirken, Copenhagen, DK
Tord Gustavsen     Tanum Church, Oslo, NO
Daniel Stickan        Nikolaikirche Lüneburg, GER     

Here are four representations of artistic collaborations which I was able to document and display a spectrum of the three subgenres identified in my research, Liturgical, Sacred and Spiritual Jazz.



Video 1 shows excerpts from a Jazz Worship Service at the German "Kirchentag", the largest gathering  of German protestant Christians were the BlueChurch network was able to host a jazz church. The video starts with the opening song Praise to you by Ike Sturm, it demonstrates the improvisatory treatment of a biblical reading and, finally, a communion hymn by Janne Mark, premiered in its German translation at this event.
Additionally, there are some photos taken during the last musical piece from the annual Blues Mass at St. Katharinen Church where the congregation gathering around the altar for a candle prayer, blessing and a jam session.
Musicians: Chanda Rule, vocals, Daniel Stickan - piano, Gernot Bernroider - drums, Marcel Krömker - bass, Esben Eyermann - bass and Lauren Steinmetz (with Janne Mark). The Liturgists are Kathrin Oxen and Maike Wächter. All rights: ©


The first part of the video from Swiss public Television documents a duo performance with Daniel Stickan in the Kunsthalle Zürich on 17th December 2017 where the BlueChurch network set up a series of performances and public jazz vespers within Rob Pruitt´s installation "The Church".
The second part of the video documents part of a duo concert with Daniel at the Karviná Organ Festival in the Moravian-Silesian Region of the Czech Republic on September 24th, 2017. The concert consists of Spiritual Jazz from our CDs Waves and Where Roots Grow. All rights: ©

VIDEO 6 shows a live version of my arrangement of Spirits in the Material World performed with Simin Tander, vocals and Tord Gustavsen, piano. We have performed my arrangement in different concert settings, this video is from a concert at the Kirchentag in 2019. All rights: ©


Video 2 documents the first night of the Jazz Evensong Series ALONE TOGETHER - ON FREEDOM at the American Church Berlin on 10th July 2020. Guest musician is Eric Schaefer on drums and modualr synth, the "house band" consists of Albrecht Guendel-vom Hofe (organ) and Marcel Krömker (bass). Liturgists are Pastor Mari Thorkelson and Bishop Christian Stäblein. All rights: ©


VIDEO 3 is from an online worship service. I play a free improvisation on the hymn O Come, O Come Emmanuel as a prelude in the chapel of the Memorial Church Berlin on December 5th 2020.

All rights: ©


The first part of the video documents rehearsals for the performance of Tord Gustavsen´s Mass at the ENJOY JAZZ FESTIVAL in Heidelberg with a project choir from the school of church music in Heidelberg conducted by Tine Wiechmann on November 15th, 2019.
The second part of the video is a recording of the concert performance of the Mass as part of the BLUE CHURCH FESTIVAL 2017 at Dreikönigskirche Dresden on March 5th, 2017 with a project choir from the Music Conservatory of Dresden "Karl Maria von Weber", conducted by Keno Hankel. All rights: ©