Nine Sleeps

 by Eva Mohn


The beach

a bench

a bed

an accident

a tumble.

a trip

a get up

damn it

losing a contact lens

your sister





the coast

a cliff

a perch

a pickle

looking for something small lost in carpet


a subway stop

some one you recognise

a birch tree forest

a sporting event

a ditch

an elder

a trickster

a tree

a cramp

a farm

a gun

a smell

a threat

a peach

a joke

or realising it’s not a joke

a view

an arrival

a before-ness

an after-ness

a very well groomed mustache

white gravel


new slacks

a new jacket

a new pack


a fresh do

a two step

a change of hugh

change of diet 

a new brand

a change of pace 

a slight of hand 

a break up

to change it up

a chance to sprint

a need to hunt

a quiver in the lip

like they lost something

and are remiss.

we keep the stream streaming, but we have a crowd crowding the team building

so what else? 

but what else? 

and what else? 

and what then? 

and what next?

and then what?

because from here I can almost see your house. 

some one asked me once why I always dance so slow and I said “huh?”