The Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design (KMD) consists of more than 600 students and 130 staff members and engages in both artistic and scientific research. KMD conducts a considerable amount of scientific research in the fields of music therapy, musicology and music pedagogy. The majority of the research at the faculty is artistic.


KMD conducts extensive dissemination work locally, nationally and internationally based on the professional activities of employees and students. The Faculty itself has venues for viewings, concerts and more. This research portal provides access to the faculty's portfolio of artistic research documented on the research catalogue.


The portal allows browsing and searching the faculty's research results, using list view or keyword view. The searches can be narrowed to department and searched by author or title. Some of the results have been published, indicated by a date of publication, whereas others are still in progress. The list is continuously updated as new research results are presented.