By Charli Clark

and Petra Martinez

Kalasta.info is a online platform for sharing and trading tips and recipes concerning fishing possibilities in Pori River.

Pori River is home to a variety of fish including perch, pike, asp and others. However, not all of them are eaten by the locals that fish there and not everyone in Pori has the possibilities or know-how to use the river for food.

Kalasta.info invites locals to engage with us and each other to share recipes and knowledge about fishing along the riverbank so that the fish can be enjoyed by all those interested and living alongside it. This online platform has been set up by artists and food enthusiasts Charli Clark and Petra Martinez, with the hope that through fishing, new relationships can form across different sections of Pori’s diverse society.

Through the act of sharing recipes, people that may never have had a reason to meet and discuss with each other can connect, offering potentially unusual and unlikely combinations for fish, food and friends. 

In adding your recipes to this website, alongside tips and ideas related to local fishing activities and the species in the Pori River, you also have the opportunity to learn a thing or two in the process from the others that are sharing their information with you. Kalasta.info will be live from July 2015 to June 2018 and will hopefully built up a wealth of knowledge for the locals that live there.

We all need food to eat and catching part of your dinner for yourself can be a highly enjoyable and informative experience. We hope to find and share new and novel ways to catch, cook and enjoy this food source that is naturally available in the local waters of Pori. This platform can be used to encourage, not just a deeper understanding of the fish in the river, but also of the diversity of cultures and individuals that cook with the fish found there.

At the end of the three years the information that has been shared through the website will be publishing as an open source e-book for the residence of Pori, with hard copies available to borrow or read in the local libraries, culture centres, day centres, womans institutes, and depending on the consensus of the contributors, could also be available at cost price for people to own at home. This project is developed by Charli Clark and Petra Martinez in collaboration with the citizen of Pori, if they allow us to join them.