Redefine Criticality

informed by

embodied criticality.



Borrow and recycle

research methods

from other academic


Pluralistic methodology.

Research Me-thod Outline 

Action based flexible, inventive and creativity driven research inquiry. 



  1. Document the creative process/the method.
  2. Interview collaborators/contributers before and after performance.
  3. Make questionnaires for each performance.
  4. Interview guests.
  5. Collect all material. Analyse.
  6. Sum up knowledge and mediate using different formats.
  7. The content dictates dissemination format. 
  8. Revise artistic method according to new information. 
  9. Run a new cycle of creative process informed by new knowledge.






The research path is designed to develop sustainable artistic methods for transformative encounters and to articulate findings and experiences to  performance makers and researchers to further explore, recycle and redefine.