The Question 

How Little is Enough?

prompts an approach to theatre making focused on:

Reducing production.

Minimising carbon footprint.

Enhancing existential sustainability.





Wabi sabi:

appreciation of ephemeral elements, the used and the weathered.

Balancing reduced production with enhanced artistic, aesthetic, and sustainable elements. 


  • Focus
  • Prioritize meaningful engagement, building relationships.

How-little-is-enough approach to performance making.



To reduce production, labour, travel, costs, complications, distances, and energy,

while maintaining artistic ambition.

To increase playfulness, listening, meaning, friendships, and care

to enhance existential sustainability.



Site Selection

Prioritize hosts/sites with sustainability in mind.


  • Choose sites rich in contextual inquiry.
  • Work with hosts and sites I already have an existing relation to.
  • Collaborate with motivated hosts who seek to articulate their concerns.
  • Stay committed to avoid exploitation of non-professional participants.


Outcome: Personal engagement and commitment reduce the risk of exploitation

while promoting existential sustainability.


Local Focus

Engage with the knowledge and inquiries emerging within the local community.


  • Collaborate with local and regional participants, artists, and scholars.
  • Avoid overlooking local competences.


Outcome: Sustainable practices, neighborhood care, and access to local knowledge.

Global Perspective

Introduce global awareness.


Integrate global inquiries with local concerns.

Outcome: Adds depth, and engagement within a broader context.


Site Exploration

Pay attention to the site's resources (content, facilities, aesthetics).



  • Develop a thematic framework from the local community/site.
  • Create a structure around existing content with minimal intervention.



Create a space for guests' creativity and concerns through:

  • Porous & Embracing dramaturgy
  • Performative Encounters


Go with the flow. Utilize on-site resources. Hara hachi bu and porostity.



Leave space for guests to bring their own material.




Merge aesthetics with sustainability.

Maintain aesthetic value through deliberate artistic and ethical choices.


What is already

in place? 

Minimal intervention 

Personal engagement

What is needed?