Enzo Giordano


Everything starts from a personal investigation that over the

years I have implemented, both intimately that closely connected with the work. A look pointed at mannerisms, attitudes,behaviors, or even gestures belonging to the human being.

This gives rise to real sets, theaters who move on canvas, paper, cloth, and other materials used.

The idea was born of the observation of my way to interpret

situations surrounding how to perceive and live, and to the

continuous changes of them based on my spiritual growth and


The idea of the observation was born of my way to interpret

situations surrounding, and how to perceive and live it, and to the continuous changes of them based on my spiritual and mental growth. this turns into an investigation of the social, in all those activities that form, modify and characterize a current and future society, and dictate behavior that, for better or for worse, constitute the life of every day.

The characters that characterize this diversified society are

almost all women, or people that do not have well-identified sex, what matters is what they represent and not what they are, in terms of race, gender, social class etc ...

Their appearance is only a means to better understand the nature and better understand their message. The surrounding nature is an important part of the relationship that it has with people, being something that takes us back to the more meditative and profound side of ourselves, and that acts as an energy barrier against issues related to the psychology of the individual and of his action.

The media I use are painting, through which I can better tell the universe of colors and feelings expressed by the characters represented, that interact with those who observe them vigorously and directly, but that hint anywhere on the canvas a new surface from which to establish a thought that has continuity.Drawing and collage, which have a lighter impact but, no less strong. In fact here are better represented facial expressions and in a small sheet, with only one element, you can take all the impetuosity of a short story.

The installations, almost a sculpture of different materials:

fabrics, wool, plastic..In this case I can be less direct and

descriptive, and interpret through an object, a dress, or else

the summary of the whole work.

The use of wool made entirely by hand, crochet, represents a

moment of reflection, during the work, technique and detail,

which are combined with the tumultuous nature of the paintings, drawings, and sculptures, balancing it all.

Finally, the sculpture, the most classic, which is disrupted by

the appearance of the characters, beings or monsters or punk with unlikely ridges, which with their fluorescent colors contrast with the serenity of the installations worked scrupulously, cleaning of the drawings and the energy of the canvases.

Gilda mautone




My work is part of a wide-ranging analysis then focuses on

well-defined points but that evolve in continuous dialogue

between viewer and work.

The content of the works is almost never identifiable to the

first analysis, is obscured hidden, I use different techniques

to hide the main meanings related to that work particularly i

start by an idea or project, then I look for images that can be

useful for the execution of it find images I change it during

the work trying to get away from the starting point so that it

cannot reconnect what you see to what it was. I feel freer with works on paper with which i can, for associations of ideas and forms, rid of the contents so fast and so also with the sculpture to which i give a mystical value; with painting stress is greater because of the scenic creation in which the concept of the work will be presented, a sort of struggle between aesthetics and content; Videos are more complicated to plan and realise, the different components of an artistic work here are increased.

Typically I suggest different content without ever being too

direct, a work in levels; to which you can get by looking at

the work in its entirety or relying on instinct.

I also create aesthetic MacGuffin, the effect destabilizes the

reading of the user, so that he takes part in the reading of the work by giving its own conceptual vision.

This continuous exchange of information creates a development that adds or subtracts content and aesthetics at work.

Research techniques in different media to be used have been long and, realizing that without knowledge of the technical ideas were not a possible union, i have long experienced as in a laboratory.

The main themes are born from continuous introspective analysis and external, and how these two areas interact with each other.

In my work there is nothing appealing or tender, but is adamant it crystallized by the events realized during my journey, with aspects that I can just during time to discover through analysis or interaction with the public.

Conscious and unconscious are two states of mind with which

I create, I start with a conscious state that try to create

and imagine how it can be made a new work, a cold and analytical process; later, I let myself be guided only by pure instinct for what concerns the manual phase and aesthetics.

COLLISION exhibition Enzo Giordano - Gilda Mautone


The project COLLISION brings together artworks by artists Gilda Mautone and Enzo Giordano.Based in Berlin, Mautone and Giordano have been working together for 5 years and consider their works as a whole.The artists explore psychological situations starting from their personal experiences as well as observing and responding to external circumstances. The impact between the intimate and public spheres translates in a conflict evoked by the title of the exhibition.Their practices, although different, share similarities in themes and approaches.Collision aims to activate a reflection on the psychological dynamics involved in the artist’s works, asking for the participation of the public.

COLLISION was exposed at the Italian Embassy of Copenhagen in March and consecutively in September in Milan at Officina Temporanea.Will also be presented at the Italian Embassy of Prague in November.



From: Wednesday 22 April 2015 at 18:00h

To: Sunday 5 May 2015 at 18:00h





Italian Culture Institute, Italian Embassy , Hiroshimastraße, 1 Berlin 10785