The greeting board

"Hilsen Tavla" or "The greeting board" is a product designed to help those afflicted by dementia establish or maintain a relationship with those close to them. It does this by showing reminders of who their loved ones are and what they care about through a video with a short greeting from the person in question as well as a written description of them,

By: Henning Kristoffer Borgen, Maksim Tikhomirov, & Linn Kristin Melberg

The content contained in the video is personalized to each person. The person can record the greeting video themselves and decide what information is included in the text portion. However, the idea is that information like how old they are, where they go to Work/study and what they do there and what their hobbies are should be included. 

The intended effect of the product is that it should help people affected by dementia remember who their loved ones are, but it could also help supply them with conversation topics when the loved ones are visiting. Something that can make visits easier. Especcialy if the "patient" is in  care facility.


This could also help make it easier for children to communicate with their elderly relatives, as it may give them topics to talk about, like how the children's hobbies are going. 

Demonstration / Instruction video

The Raspberry PI uses a free program called Vidlooper in order to play videos when it receives a signal. 

Each picture has a button behind it, which is pressed into the button, making it react when the picture is pressed, sending a signal to the Raspberry PI.

The board itself was created with a laser cutter, while the display uses a Raspberry PI in order to play specific videos when a picture is pressed.