A board with different phrases that helps the patient communicate what might be difficult for them to say on their own due to their illness.
When the user pushes one of the buttons with a phrase on it, that phrase will light up for 60 seconds.
Which allows the patient to combine and make meaningful phrases that their next of kin or caretakers can interpret.

A board game or puzzle of intermediate difficulty meant to keep the mind of patients active
in order to prevent mental deterioration. While also creating connection between the patient and their next of kin through play.

A game that can be played both physically (being in one room) or remotely using videochat.
The game is made for elderly people/people with health issues and their next of kin.
The patient has a small tool with a screen where a random word pops up. The other person have
to show with their body the word that appeared on the screen.
If the elderly person approves the way the word was shown, the next of kin gets a point.
The more words were shown the more points you get.

Concept 3

A board with pictures of the patient’s family and friends on it.
If the user touches a picture, they will be shown what their relationship with the person is as well as some information about them.
In the event that a patient touches a picture of their grandaughter, the board will show “Grandaughter” along with information about her,
like where she goes to school and what grade she is in, along with a few hobbies like playing an instrument.
Sounds can also be implemented into the board, so that the board plays a custom sound whenever the patient touches a picture.


Concept 2


Concept 1


Concepts for improving the relations between patients and their next of kin.