World of Art  was commissioned by Mary Jane Jacob, printed on the reverse of the invitation for the public symposium, Taking Care of Your Art and Your Life, which was held at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2004, with support of the Emily HallTremaine foundation. 

WORLD OF ART: A Story Telling Game (2004)

FERTILE GROUND: A Story Telling Game (2007)

Commissioned by Stuart Keeler through Chicago's Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce, Fertile Ground is a story telling game. Printed on the reverse of the invitation, 500 copies were produced for the Art 44/46 exhibition, which was distributed throughout the neighborhood, and took place in October 2007.

Here, writer Sue Snodgrass led a tour of ART 44/46.

The Studio, Print on Mesh, 110" x 247.5", 2009

Commissioned for this exhibition by the curators, my diagram sketches out the history of the artist studio in context. It is based on materials about the show Michelle Grabner and Annika Marie provided me with during the planning phase, including an advance copy of the book "The Studio Reader: On the Space of Artists" , a co-publication of the University of Chicago Press and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, edited by Mary Jane Jacob and Michelle Grabner.

THE STUDIO: Picturing an Exhibition (2009)

EFFERVESCENT CONDITION: Picturing an Exhibition (2010)

The exhibition, "Effervescent Condition", at SAIC and at the Xuzhou Museum of Art, Xuzhou, China, in 2010, was curated by Fang-Tze Hsu.  My contribution was a poster and projected animation based on conversations with Fang-Tze, and artists Nadav Assor, Florian Graf, Joshua Sampson, and Yefeng Weng, about their works for this show. For the exhibition in Xuzhou, the poster was printed with English text on one side and Simplified Mandarin on the other. In Chicago, the exhibition announcement was on one side, and the English version on the reverse.


Heliosphere, Biosphere, Technosphere: Public Art (2005)

"Heliosphere, Biosphere, Technosphere" is a collaboration with Patrick McGee, commissioned by DCASE for the Exelon Pavillion. It is the only permanent artwork by Chicago based artists in Millennium Park.

Spectrum of Knowledge:  Public Art (2016)

"Spectrum of Knowledge' is a collaboration with Patrick McGee. It was commissioned by DCASE for the Richard M. Daley Library in Humboldt Park.