Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad

What´s in Between – Listening for Memories and Composing Rooms

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Department of Music

In my research project What´s in between – listening for memories and composing rooms, I investigate composition through sound, light, movement, and text, and use methods from performance practice from contemporary dance and theatre as an approach in developing concerts, installations and performances. Through specific projects during my fellowship, my aim is to explore different working methods, and I have done installations, projects that is something in between performance and installation, and I am now working on two different sound walks, as well as my last project that will be performed at Rosendal Teater in desember this year.


My working method involves collaborations with artists from different fields - both musicians, light designers, dancers/coreographers and writers. The artists I invite into the project are all contributing with their individual artistic expressions. It is me that invite the team of collaborators, as a kind of curator of something to happen. I use memories as a starting point for the different compositions and will do my reflection as a literary text under the supervision of writer Marte Huke.




Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad is a composer and performer from the island of Stord in Sunnhordland. She has a background in improvisation and electroacoustic music and works with vocals / song, live electronics, field recordings and text writing for use in compositions and installations. She has worked as a composer and musician in theatre and dance performances where live electronics and electroacoustic soundscapes have been a central part of the expression. Her collaboration partners in recent years are the Montreal-based percussion quartet Architek Percussion, guitarist Are Lothe Kolbeinsen, hardanger fiddle player Anne Hytta, the Swedish light artist Evelina Dembacke, dancer and choreographer Siri Jøntvedt,sax/clarinet player Klaus Ellerhusen Holm, violinist Eira Bjørnstad Foss, choreographer Anna Nordanstedt, scenographer Mio Oribe Stubø and director Saila Hyttinen.



Artistic Research Spring Forum 2023

At this last Artisic Research Forum, for my part, I will share some of my written reflections, and will also invite dancer and choreographer Siri Jøntvedt to join me in a conversation about working interdisciplinary and the importance of meeting points and what happens in between the artforms in co-creative processes. The presentation will be held in Norwegian.