Mari Bastashevski

Pending Xenophora

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim Academy of Fine Art

Pending Xenophora is a multi-layered world designed together with a rout of garden snails in an  aspirational gesture towards what Isabelle Stengers calls a “diplomatic intervention”; a panoramic monadology; an idea of knowledge evolving, dependent on shared agreements and perpetual re-negotiation between humans, animals, and technology.

Mari Bastashevski a Danish (previously stateless) artist, writer, and researcher. Her past works--usually a result of extensive online and field investigations -- integrate documents, photographs, and texts to explore the role of new technology and social media in creating and sustaining conflicts in status quo.


Her doctoral research is exploring whether augmented reality media environment serve as a means of field research into a divergent world, a world of many worlds, and, in doing so, manifest a form of anticipatory art practice, expanding the idea of an artist and viewer to encompass a new environmental and ontological fluidity



Artistic Research Spring Forum 2024

3rd presentation

While usually I'm found speaking on the substance and essence of the research itself, I'd like to dedicate my last session to a meta-conversation going deeply into what could be a method for artistic research. During this talk, I'll address how the method I had developed during my PhD transpires in my work, as well as how it was used by others in their work, in multiple disciplines. More specifically, I'll address the countless acts of courage necessary in the process of unveiling, unclipping, ungluing, reducing, and releasing ideas, facts, pieces of information into the world. That while simultaneously releasing ourselves from the fear of blind spots, the ridiculous. I'll conclude by explaining how my theories tricked me into recognizing the distance between preaching and practicing and into embodying the ideas I've always had for others, into my own routines.