Eliot Moleba

Alternative Histori[es]: A Place Where Something Happened


Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Academy of Theatre

Alternative Histori[es]: A Place Where Something Happened is aimed at exploring narrative accounts of Norwegians who self-identify with a multicultural and/or immigration background(s). 


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Eliot Moleba is a researcher, playwright, and theatre director. He is one of the founding members of PlayRiot. He was the resident dramaturg at The South African State Theatre. He is currently an Editorial Committee member of VIS – The Nordic Journal for Artistic Research.



Artistic Research Forum

To paraphrase the words of John Lennon, part of our research is also what happens to us while we are busy investigating our main topics. This session is going to talk about how sometimes ideas that sits at the periphery or are secondary to our main topics find their way into the core of the research. In my artistic practice working at the intersection of a playwright/director, I usually write or/and devise with actors, something that was also expected to be at the core of my artistic research. But after covid restrictions were imposed, my usual working methods became unattainable. Since I couldn’t reach the audience via actors, I had to explore different ways to create work that engaged them directly. This experiment led to two interesting artistic manifestations or outcomes, which will be the subject of the session.