This diagrammatic online resource (a work in progress) has been compiled and developed by Emma Cocker and Danica Maier (Associate Professors in Fine Art, Nottingham Trent University) to provide an overview of Practice Research in the Arts for PhD researchers. The umbrella term 'practice research' is increasingly being used by Nottingham Trent University as well as by funding frameworks like M4C (Midlands 4 Cities) - it is a term that frames a research field that exists across and beyond different disciplines. This resource focuses on how Practice Research manifests within an artistic context – it is an attempt to map or survey, even unpack, aspects of a field of related and interweaving terminologies and ideas. The resource includes distillations or summaries (perhaps rather than definitions) of some of the key terms of reference for Practice Research in the Arts, as well as wider references, quotations and bibliographies.


To navigate: Many of the words/terms within the pages are hyperlinks leading to further information. Hover your cursor over a word and a blue line will appear if it is a hyperlink to be clicked. Over time, other words and links will be added to this map. It is conceived as an evolving resource.


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