An Index of Un·Earthing:
log entries towards the decolonization of outer space
Ralo Mayer

Artist and filmmaker
PhD candidate at University of Applied Arts, Vienna 

Unearthing means to dig something up, to uncover it and bring it to light. It is a transitive verb, an archaeological action onto an object, often from the past; clearly, a method of artistic research.

Through archival, fictional and performative examples, I propose Un·Earthing as a complimentary interpretation in relation to future life in outer space, akin to notions of un-learning or de-colonizing. Un·Earthing, used intransitive, is the transformational process humans have been starting to undergo since the Space Age by leaving Earth and at the same time, realizing our own planet’s importance for life, both human and non-human. Un·Earthing is triggered by the unknown, unprecedented distance & isolation, at same time it creates a new consciousness for caring and sharing.