Ventriloquial listening sessions:

an experimental ethics committee

with artist-researcher Rosie Heinrich and writer Daisy Hildyard

Ventriloquial listening sessions is an interviewee- and audience- led artistic research project cared for by artist-researcher Rosie Heinrich and author Daisy Hildyard. We explore differing perspectives on human selfhood in the current climate of reclamation, protection, plurality and dissolution.

Our presentation takes two parallel forms. Offering moments of respite from the screen, we share a guided bodying-voicing exercise and audio recordings from our research. Interspersing these recordings, in livestream, we pose specific ethical questions about our work-in-progress and AR practices at large. Through our collective conversation at the end, we hope that this session will generate playful answers and new questions to these urgent relationships.



For more on Rosie Heinrich’s work, please find descriptions on Practice Sharing from SAR’s Language-based Artistic Research special interest group, and her artist book we always need heroes¶ and eponymous film, here.


For more on Daisy Hildyard’s work, please find her novels Emergency and The Second Body, published with Fitzcarraldo Editions, here.