The Future Box


Arno Böhler, Susanne Valerie Granzer, Florian Reiners, Wei-Ya Lin

The lecture-performance PHILOSOPHY ON STAGE. THE FUTURBOX, performed by baseCollective Vienna, a transdisciplinary cross-over of artists and philosophers, stages a cardboard box. An actress (Susanne Valerie Granzer) and an actor (Florian Reiners) enter, exit, re-enter and re-exit it several times to inhabit it with their voices. Voices, in which “philosophers of the future” DARE to speculate about a future to come. They even DARE to invite us all to SHARE the promising future. Come, let it happen, the future, we are imagining in a speculative manner. CARE for its be-coming! Take CARE of it! 

We hear fragments of Kant’s promising vision of the idea of a universal (world)-history with a cosmopolitan aim. We hear Nietzsche calling us to become an animal, ready to give (and keep) a promise. Giorgio Agamben’s and Hanna Arendt’s voices pop up, pointing to the problematic entanglement between natio (birth) & nationality (citicenship). A link, that creates an aporia between citizenship & human rights that lies at the basis of our refugee-crisis. Finally, the voice of the tantric philosopher Abhinavagupta will be heard. A strange voice. A voice that sounds pre-modern, a non-western voice. A voice, in which we are called to become sahrdayas, bodies, having a heart…

The artist-philosopher (Arno Böhler) will comment these voices on stage in short songs, assembling with the violin of artistic-researcher Wei-Ya Lin.