In this podcast you will hear a conversation with Bessel Bijtelaar and Sem Verwey talking about other cultures in embroidery. Creating awarness by questioning how you can see the commonalities of embroidery in different folks.Talking about women, symbolism and how we see embroidery now.  

In this audio you can hear a conversation after explaining about the podcast. 

Collage about symbolisms in Embroidery , the elephant from India and the dragon from China. 

''..they might tell the same story but with different symbols..''

'' dragons symbolise protection, good fortune, wisdom, nobility, divinity and power.''

 ''Elephant is a symbol of wisdom, fertility, prosperity, strength and royalty.'' 

Collage about women from Palistine and Inida making embroidery.

''..It's a universal thing for women, what connects all women on earth..''

'' Embroidery was part of woman’s clothing and their daily routine.A means of showing off her personal skills, social identity, marital and economic status.''

Collage from different traditional embroidery together.  

Collage from different traditional embroidery together.

'' ..You can see the differences in emnboridery but they all use the same stitches and are restricted in it..''