Screenshots from the "process canvas" in Research Catalogue. The canvas includes images, videos, audio files with music, audio files with spoken words and reflections, scribblings, drawings, short notes, more elaborate texts. The canvas was open to all the participants during the week, but not open to public. These screenshots are meant to give you a flavour of how it looked during the Lab week.  

Below is a closer look at some of the multi-faceted responses to the workshops, all taken from the process canvas:

Response to workshop, by Magno Caliman (magno_mag):

I'm sharing some material for the RC, generated from Ivar's workshop. I recorded six actions with my guitar setup, and decided to edit the footage in two video experiments.

 My repeatable action was: turning on two hardware-hacked eBows on the guitar; placing two small magnets on the A string; turning off the eBows. To try and bring forward the differences between each repetition I had the idea to play all videos at the same time, which worked quite well. So I render some videos of that using two different editing strategies:

_tiles: all videos together, arranged in a grid, making them "time concurrent". Highlights the differences/similarities in the timing of the gestures. 

_layers: all videos together, superposed with transparency added, making them "spatially concurrent". Highlights the differences/similarities of the physical gestures. 


4 workshop methods:

 Information and questionnaire

These information letters and the questionnaire were handed out before the Lab. The breakout-groups were organized based on the feedback from the questionnaire. 

Guide to Artistic Research - for BA and MA students 

LAB program

Slides from opening presentation