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to walk to think to dance



In the desire to explore the notion of emergence practically, I think of walking. Historically speaking, walking has been associated with contemplation, with thinking and doing thinking. Walking has, too, been associated with art and philosophy and science making. And thinking. And doing. And doing. And thinking. And making.


Anne Theresa de Keersmaeker famously called her walking her dancing. I frequently mistook her suggestion to walk to dance with to walk to think to dance, thereby transforming my thinking into the equivalent of my moving and experiencing my moving as my thinking. Today I cannot tell one apart from the other, and let me tell you: I don’t think Descartes would appreciate that.



I hereby invite you to walk with me, whether or not you are thinking of attending the upcoming IDOCDE symposium. I invite you to walk with me, intentionally leaving any defining of what that could mean for you or me or us… not to chance, per se, but to real time. The practice I am hoping to develop during this residency is that of relationship building. And as is true of all relationships, they cannot be anticipated. This is what makes them fun.


The possibilities are endless, our interests paramount, and the only thing suggested: that we literally take this one step at a time.


I will be walking for 90 minutes every Saturday, starting with Saturday of June 11th. My first walk will take place in Oslo, Norway, where I will be at the time. I will broadcast my walk via Zoom, which will make it possible for you to join me virtually. At the end of every walk, I will announce where I will be walking next Saturday, if ever you’d want to and could join my walk in person. I will share the location of the next walk via and idocde’s social media channels.



“What if art can only be found if you are not looking for it?”

On July 20, 21, and 22–the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday leading up to the symposium weekend–I will be walking in Vienna. All those in the city at the time are welcome to join me in person.


Please register your attendance via The specific time of the walk will be scheduled relative to which time zones the fellow walkers will be tuning in from.



till soon,
pavleheidler for Team IDOCDE

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