I have been invited by Ludger Orlok to this project.

I understood the project in such a way that we, a group of 6 artists from different fields, will walk together the last 3 stages of "Jacob's Way", a pilgrimage route that ends in Spain.
Each of us will accompany the project with their own artistic question and practice. The exchange about it will be made accessible on a common platform.

So the score was pretty clear: the choreography was determined by the pilgrimage and the group's collaboration in relation to time and rhythm. Each person with a defined interest and artistic practice. 


At the same time there was the underlying score to walk together. To find a shared speed and rhythm or at least to find an agreement on how to walk. The very physical aspect of the journey.

The places we would be staying had mostly been booked in advance. This gave us a framework for the distance we had to walk each day. The path itself is anyway fixed and marked with a yellow scallop shell.

It was raining.

There were other groups of - pilgrims.

This immediately leads to the question of what a pilgrim might be.

I would call myself a hiker.

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