a sony camcorder

an I phone 13s

The changes in the landscape have made me take the camera more often, but for shorter shots. I keep track of the time in the timecode of the video. 

Most of the time I am framing the pathway. 

Sometimes there was a reason to change this. This was mostly caused by  a change in the sensorial experience.


This I only realized in the evaluation of the footage. While walking I trust my experience and reflex to make sudden decisions.

Caused by the design of the pathway, the duration, exhaustion and practical reasons like using the cameras in the rain, I adjusted my initial plan immediately. The adjustment and the reflection on it, is an inherent and important part of artistic research for me.

I made a score for myself, when and how to produce images. 

With the phone I had the chance to take photos as well as movies.

The phone was in the pocket of my (rain)jacket.

The camcorder was in the backpack. Wrapped in a waterprove bag.

Every hour, I wanted to run the video camera for a certain amount of time. 

Inbetween I wanted to take photos.

Wind, rain, cold – and only the inbuilt microphone.

sound problems.... 

wind and also the noise of the rain gear