Revisiting the footage half a year later, I had another thought as a level of digesting. I started to do a little video essay reflecting on what I did with the raw footage, refering only to the very beginning of day 1. This could be extended. 

It would tell me about my way of working, it would bring back line of thoughts I had during the travel. I could learn about my decision making.


At the same time I realize, that I like the first draft.The travel diary. Maybe that's the most appropriate for the moment.

as an example for one line of thoughts:

Number of videoclips: 103

Number of photos: 260


arranged into


A thought about photos. What they do to us:

  • If we did them.
  • If we have been there at the same time.
  • If we have been there at another time.
  • If the photos relates to another experience.
A moment in time, at a place in relation to others, maybe with a smell, maybe to other thoughts things, people, objects not visible in the frame.

3 Videoclips, narrative like a travel diary.

First reflection in order to share it with the group.


Feel free to stop the videos while watching if you want to go to a detail.

Another moment of touch – and the effect of a preset in the software. 

A change of orientation has an effect on what we see.

zooming in




Sometimes i turned around. 

I love to go front, having an empty path in front of me. 

Those who have been there at that moment will remember the strong smell.

A reason to turn and take a photo to the side of the path.