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“The boundary between two realms is the most favorable position for understanding them. Although the power and the unity of life are stronger in the center, the chance of observing and knowing is greater at the periphery." - Paul Tillich, The Protestant Era


Jeffrey Cobbold is an independent artist and researcher from Piscataway, New Jersey. Since 2008 his professional experience has developed in public schools, camps and churches within the Mid-Atlantic & Southeast United States. His unique use of music, art and the humanities has assisted communities in strengthening their K-12 and adult education programs.


In his 2015 - 2016 graduate student project, Becoming a Digital Humanist: An Autobiographical Nonlinear Digital Story, he moved towards settling his image and identity as an artist, musician and educator through a process of artistic research he calls autobiographical digital storytelling.


After several years of seeking clarity in divergent higher education institutions including Rutgers University - Mason Gross School of the Arts, Princeton Theological Seminary and Berklee College of Music - Valencia Campus, he came to terms with being at the periphery of these institutions due to the strong autobiographical nature of his academic and artistic work, which led to the beginning of his career as an independent artist and researcher.


His work in digital storytelling, education, experimental music, sound and video have been featured within European & New Jersey exhibitions such as Festival de les Arts PRO, Sonar+D, DHOxSS, Las Naves: Espacio de Innavacio, Intramurs Per'l expermentacio artistica al Mediterrani and Artworks Trenton through Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market.


2019 Biography

I, Jessica Browne-White, am a Waking Dreamer and Energy Artist with 20+ years of experience in the visual and performing arts. I make the invisible, visible - particularly the hidden stories of the physical, emotional, and spiritual lives of women. I delight in exploring complexity, layered realities, and shifts in perception. Mystery, magic, and transformation also underpin my work. I believe we are all dreaming the world into existence - creating and re-creating our existence - everyday.


Over the years I have trained in numerous forms of dance, theater, and visual art techniques, all of which, though seemingly disparate, are rooted in the recognition, modulation, and transformation of human energy, and our individual and collective capacity to direct that energy as we choose. We can use the practical, concrete practices taught in the arts (such as body awareness; how to manipulate color, light and space to create specific emotional states; and how to break down a story to explore intent, desire, and meaning) and apply these practices to the creation of our own lives.


The Body/Image/Object (BIO) Programs grew out of my desire to give women a space to tell all their stories, feel all their feelings, and integrate all of it into their beings so they can love exactly who they are now - every single glorious part. I created it because I was tired of being at war with my body. I was tired of always feeling like too much or not enough. I was tired of being shut down, cut off, and feeling unworthy. I wanted to be at home in my body. I wanted to love the person I saw in the mirror every day in every way. I wanted to have that inner certainty and grace and knowledge I’d seen in a few women - not many - but a few, who walked through the world sure of their place in it - goddesses worthy of all the good that came, inevitably, to them. I realized that everything I had trained for my entire life, had given me the exact tools I needed to do this for myself and others. Now, I help women to accept and embody all of who and what they already are, along with helping them to explore what is possible when they view their bodies and emotions as friends instead of enemies. I then create unique pieces of sacred body 2 Artworks Trenton Call for Exhibition Proposals June 30, 2018 art on and of them - formed from their bodies, their stories, their transformational energy. This is my gift and my lesson - for we teach the lessons we most need to learn, and offer to others what we most need for ourselves.


For those who like to know about schools and credentials, I have a BA in Theater Performance from James Madison University, was an Acting Apprentice at Actors Theatre of Louisville (KY) and Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre (Brisbane, Australia). I have also trained with the SITI Company, the British American Drama Academy, Tina Mitchell (Suzuki, Viewpoints and Laban Instructor), Deborah Black (Viewpoints). I am a former member of AEA and SAG and have performed in numerous productions in the United States and abroad.


I have trained in various forms of dance including ballet, jazz, contemporary, Butoh, and West African dance at schools including James Madison University (VA), Joy of Motion Dance Center (DC), Zen Zen Zo Physical Theater (Australia), Dance New Amsterdam (NYC), and Peridance (NYC).


I've been creating visual art of one kind or another since I was a child and have a mix of formal study and extensive personal exploration and experimentation. My visual arts and crafts background ranges from drawing and painting to mixed-media sculpture, collage, mask-making, beading, and mosaic. I have studied at institutions such as the Alexandria Art League and the Art Student's Leagues of New York. My work has been displayed in venues including MANA Contemporary (NJ), the Art Student's League of New York, and the streets of NYC (Herald Square, Lincoln Center, Central Park & DUMBO as a Sing for Hope Piano Artist).



2019 Biography

Lives and works in Valencia, Spain

Curriculum Vitae:

  • Higher studies of Fine Arts at the UPV (UNIVERSIDAD POLITECNICA of VALENCIA)
  • 3D post-graduate studies at the UPV
  • Studies of artistic drawing at Paco Gallego´s Art Academy (Valencia)
  • Studies of graphic design at ADAMS Academy (Valencia) Master in Digital
  • Creation studies at the UCV (Universidad Católica of Valencia)


2019 Biography:

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Education:  Princeton Theological Seminary, M.Div., New Jersey City University, B.A. 


Simone Oliver is a passionate preacher, educator, and advocate for women whose pragmatic, earthy style reaches the heart of an issue.  She has served as an educator in the New Jersey public school system and has an avid interest in reading and the power of language.  She is the author of The Pearl of God’s Eye, From Grace to Grace: A Prayer & Healing Journal and has written for For Harriet and Blessed Chix blogs.   


Simone, along with her husband Allen, founded ReVision Ministries in 2012 to provide prevention education and advocacy to stem the tide of gender-based violence. She is an honored recipient of the Phoenix Award from Harambe Social Services for her work in the field of domestic violence and was the 2014 recipient of the John Allen Swink Award for Excellence in Preaching from Princeton Theological Seminary.  



2019 Biography

Devonte's music is an electrifying mix of hip-hop and R&B, with a pristine pop aesthetic suited for the dance floor. Devonte's sound can be likened to a moody fusion of PartyNextDoor meets Bruno Mars. Energetic, yet subdued. His soulful vocals reveal his signature craftsmanship whereas the lyrics reveal an effortless charisma that touches you right where you are. As the oldest of 15 children, Devonté' life is marked by being a fearless trendsetter who never settles for less than what he knows he deserves. His debonaire flows give off a cadence of confidence in trying times. Storytelling is his strongest asset. As an Artist that cares deeply about people, he wants his fans to know that his success is proof that anyone can be great just as long as they commit to excellence. Being a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, art and food culture are a large part of his fabric. He loves traveling the world taking in fashion and dope eats. Hip-hop is his first love. Devonté got his start as a freestyle battle rapper who jumped at the opportunity to fuse his gospel roots with his fiery emcee bravado. Having toured in Spain, France, and Germany, his taste in beats is a sort of global real estate. You can feel the electronic, rock, and grime influence, just as much as you feel the refined R&B and Soul pierce through in the songwriting and vocal performance.

The Sowing

Love of God Audio Quotation Database

6 minutes, 10 seconds


"Kim The Shaman" [Body/Image/Object (BIO) #1]


17” x 13” x 15” with a 20" (l) x 20" (w) x 54" (h) pedestal


Sculpture with plaster gauze, paper mache, photo transfer, fabric, feathers, resin, handmade paper, glass bead gel, acrylic paint

Shattered, Not Broken

7 minutes, 56 seconds


Love, God and Community (Luke 1:5-45)

8.5 inches x 11 inches, 3 pages



The Forces of Nature

True Love (Luke 1:5-45 Sermon)

8.5 inches x 11 inches, 5 pages







  1. Genesis 1:2 Or while the spirit of God or while a mighty wind

Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 2*

12 minutes, 47 seconds

Color video with sound


*Sound & video editing by Jeffrey Cobbold, Illustrations by 2015 Love of God Retreat Program in New Jersey

The Sowing is a watercolour series made with nib and paintbrush on cotton paper. An artwork made in two colours in order to intensify the power of both red and black colours, so as to get more “visual fury”.


8 drawings, 25 cm x 25 cm (9.84 in × 9.84 in) Torreon watercolour paper, Indian ink and red liquid watercolour.


The Forces of Nature is a more infantile illustration work made with a wide range of watercolour pencils which have been applied with paintbrush so as to intensify the message that both Nature and childhood are presents from the Creation and they need to be protected.


5 drawings, 8.27 in × 11.69 in (A4) Watercolour pencils on “Caballo” paper


People is a more spontaneous work, hence the use of pen, which is a means that does not allow any correction afterwards and needs to be done under tension in order not to make any mistakes. It shows different people which are united under a belief, and this is reflected through their clothes, since I personally am very interested in aesthetics, fashion, tradition and how people dress themselves according to their religion.


8.27 in × 11.69 in (A4) scanning pen drawing, mix technique, Photoshop treatment

Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 2*

8.5 inches x 11 inches, 24 pages

Color drawings

*Illustrations by the 2015 Love of God Retreat Program in New Jersey