Evaluating Illustartion: Jaleen Groove

Illustrating Dementia: Nigel Smith

A psychoanalytic approach to illustration: Hanna Mumby


Practice makes imperfect: An introduction to the re-forming of mark-making in contemporary illustration: Grace Holliday

The dark side of empathy: Mimesiss, deception, and the magic of alterity: Rane willerslev and Nils Bubandt


‘I never realised everybody felt as happy as I do when I am around autistic people’:

A thematic analysis of autistic adults’ relationships with autistic and neurotypical friends

and family: Crompton et al.

On the ontological status of autism: the ‘double empathy problem: Damian Milton 

Perspective taking is two sided: Misunderstanding between people with Aspergers syndrome and their family members:  Heassman and Gillespie