The Face Between Us.


The artistic research project The Face Between Us shines a light on aspects of our assumptions towards normalcy and otherness by focusing on the face, a symbol of identity, a portal for communication, and an arena for self-representation. We all have a face; this unites us. The face, however, acts as a canvas for our true inner self and a mask - protecting our emotions from others. The face unites, divides, reveals, and deceives.


People with neurological diversities experience challenges in reading, interpreting, and reacting to facial expressions, often leading to social isolation or poor mental health due to “masking” (the hiding of one's authentic self in return for perceived social acceptance). Can illustration aid in the understanding of empathic processes, leading to increased compassion and understanding within our interpersonal relationships?


This research project investigates digital and analog animation techniques alongside traditional craft materials used to create everyday objects, such as textiles and ceramics. May an extended use of illustration, combining time-based media and tactile elements, expand the experience between imaginary storytelling and sensorial physicality?


An essential method and core element in this research project is the aim of understanding the dynamics of the illustration, the illustrated, and the illustrator from an ethical perspective. Utilizing participatory work methods, the project will focus on a personal micro-history. Working from within the frames of critical design theory, the research project aims to contribute artistically and ethically to expand the illustration field.