Summer Academy for Artistic Research

SAAR 2023

12 - 19 August 2023, Rauland (Norway)





SAAR Summer Academy for Artistic Research 2023

The SAAR Summer Academy for Artistic Research 2023 will take place at Raulandsakademiet in Norway. The host is The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme, which is part of the Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills. 


The Summer Academy aims to provide a supportive setting where PhD candidates and research fellows in artistic research from all fields can share, collaborate, present their on-going artistic research, and receive feedback from peers and experienced tutors from leading academic art institutions. SAAR 2023 will bring together 17 artistic researchers and 8 supervisors from Sweden, Finland, and Norway. The aim is to reflect the international diversity of artistic research and to provide a stimulating environment for co-creation, conversation and supervision. The Summer Academy is based on the participants' projects, and the activities are centered around their projects, as well as questions/thoughts generated by this specific context. 


The SAAR network is coordinated by Uniarts Helsinki and governed by a joint Nordic Steering Group. This year, in collaboration with the SAAR Steering Group, Linda Lien, together with Yuka Oyama, Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec, Lotte Mik-Meyer, Solmund Nystabakk, Mika Elo, Pauliina Syrjälä, Pilvi Porkola, and Sofie Lebech will develop the programme. 

Theme and program

The theme for this year’s summer academy is time/tid/aika in a very broad sense. See more details in the program, but the most important component is the participant´s ongoing research projects and research processes. Time/tid/aika will also influence the way we organize the program each day. 

Key dates

  • 25 April 2023: Deadline for confirming who the SAAR participants are from each institution
  • 25 May 2023: Deadline for bios and abstracts/research descriptions etc. and allergies/dietary restrictions.
  • 23 June 2023: Launch of programme, bios and abstracts/research descriptions
  • 5 August 2023: You will receive an e-mail with practical information and lates updates
  • 12 August 2023: Arrival at Raulandsakademiet, and start of the Summer Academy for Artistic Research 2023


SAAR takes place at Raulandsakademiet in Telemark. Raulandsakademiet is a course center, a hostel and a museum. The academy offers a range of courses in various craftmanships.

The building also hosts a campus for the University of South-Eastern Norway. 


Rauland is a small village in Vinje municipality in the Telemark area in Vestfold and Telemark county. Rauland is located at the foot of Hardangervidda, between 700 and 1000 meters above sea level, 210 km from Oslo and 316 km from Bergen.


We will organize a joint bus ride from Oslo to Rauland on Saturday 12 August at 14:00. The bus will leave from Oslo Central Station, and are expected to arrive Raulandsakademiet around 18:00.

  • Bus company: Oslobuss
  • Follow the signs for Thon Hotel Opera and Taxi
  • If you are delayed: Please contact Ingrid Milde +47 977 40 550
  • If you cannot find Trafikktorget or the bus – please contact Solmund Nystabakk +47 905 15 296
  • Linda is driving from Bergen, and will meet you at Raulandsakademiet


We will organize a joint bus ride from Rauland to Oslo on Saturday 19 August. The bus will leave from Rauland at 09:30, and are expected to arrive at Oslo bus station (next to the train station) at 13:30. 


Other transport options

Bus from Oslo to Åmot (Haukeliekspressen)

Bus from Bergen to Åmot (Haukeliekspressen)

Bus from Åmot to Raulandsakademiet (Telemark bilruter)


Transport companies:

What to bring

We recommend you bring functional and warm outdoor clothing (the weather in Norway in August can be very unpredictable and the temperature might vary a lot. You should be prepared for both rain and sun. Please check the weather forecast: Yr - Rauland - Long term forecast):


  • Wind- and waterproof jacket and trousers
  • Warm sweater or jacket
  • Water-resistant hiking shoes
  • Head wear and gloves
  • Bathing clothes
  • Outdoor sitting map

Bios and research abstracts

All participants – both supervisors and research fellows/PhD candidates – are requested to submit:

  • Short bios (200 words maximum). We would appreciate if you include a portrait. 
  • Short abstracts (300 words maximum) describing their research project OR current research interests.

Please include links to any online sources that are relevant to your research. You are most welcome to also include images, sounds, videos etc. Such material might be important for our understanding of your project/research interest. Please choose a format for the material that easily can be uploaded to the Research Catalogue (for example, for images: jpegs, 72 dpi, maximum 1000 pixels wide).

Deadline for submitting the material is 25 May 2023.  E-mail to with “SAAR 2023” in the message header. You can use for example WeTransfer if the material are over the size limit for E-mail. 

The material will be published on this website, so that we all can prepare in the best way for the Summer Academy. The material will be an important starting point and reference for the discussions and activites at Rauland in August. 

What to prepare

  • Introducing one of your peers: We will group you in pairs and ask you to introduce each other, instead of presenting yourself. The pairs are published at the program page, where you also will find the more detailed program. You will also be given some time at Rauland to talk together before the presentation session starts.

  • Exposing us to your research project or research interest: Please be prepared to expose us to your project in one way or another, but in the time frame of five minutes. This will be a plenary sessions on the first days of the event, where the intention is to get an insight into/become curious about the different projects/research topics. This session will also be a starting point for dwelling more with the projects in smaller groups the next days. Please read the program page for more information. 

What is time? (PARSE)

Lisa Robertson