Summer Academy for Artistic Research

SAAR 2023

12 - 19 August 2023, Rauland (Norway)





Solargraph (above): Courtesy Jenny Perlin

Other images: SAAR 2023

Last evening sound - campfire



Observing it flowing through,

development of technology,


relaxed, dignity and wide.

Not enough of it (it doesn´t feel healthy),

reality, I became aware that time is not endless,



Time is in this phase related to emotional states,

I question velocity of time the felt, emotional individual speed of time, time to do unconventional things is what I want to give more value,


right now, you don´t have to overthink,


past - now - future - in this experienced moment.


Time feels like a distant cousin.


My relationship to time is being reworked.

Always behind.

We are starting to get into balance.


Out of phase with duration.



I´m so often rushing, in my head, on a walk, jumping forward & backward – and then I find myself in the darkroom, or talking with people, and I find moment of respite in the present,

time to go down to the lake and hear the water coming down from the mountains,

My perception of time is related to crisis.

Rauland, 12 August 2023