December 2022//Conducted and interview with the shaman Jungle Svonni. Since I can't show the interview at the moment I share my nervous preperation for it

January 2022 // application for MA: The Art of Impact

December 2022//To see where I was in my process I visualized one of my earlier interviews through recorded iPhone Video material

January 2022//Some early staged demons. Eggs and seeds for futures to come...


January 2023//Videographic essay about religious imagery in cinema and literature

Mars 2023// 3D doodle made in class

January 2023// A screensave from my videographic essay

Mars 2023//Artistic and visual references to the final MA project

January 2023//A filmmakers manifesto and presentation of three possible ideas to develop during the masters

February 2023// Performance made in St Martins Chapel in Óbidos, Portugal. Based on the myth of St Martin and the cloak

February 2022// Watercolor painting based on themes explored through early stage process

February 2023//Character creation based on early stage ideas